Always the Answer

19 Sep

Mike’s brief nap on the couch did little for his energy level, but this – Crandall naked, hard, and demanding – renewed his energy supply better than a double dose of Red Bull. He dove onto the bed, crawling between Crandall’s spread legs and dragging his tongue up Crandall’s cock with a long slow lick.

Oh, fuck yeah.” Crandall moaned. When Mike circled the head of his cock with his tongue and then lapped the cum from its tip, Crandall’s words became the gasping moans that drove Mike wild.

“Sing for me,” Mike said. He swept his hair off his face and behind his neck so it hung over one shoulder, mostly out of the way, and tickling Crandall’s stomach.

“Less talk, more suck, and I will.”

Mike crawled forward, his hand between them to stroke Crandall’s cock as he kissed his way up Crandall’s concave stomach. Crandall whimpered and writhed under Mike’s mouth. He thrust into Mike’s fist and dug his fingers into his hair.

“I said,” Crandall gasped.

Lunging upward, Mike interrupted Crandall with a vicious, demanding kiss. When he lifted his head, he said, “Have I ever disappointed you?”

Crandall shook his head, his hazel eyes locked on Mike’s lips. Ginger lashes drooped and dusted his cheeks. Mike swiped a finger over the head of Crandall’s cock and then rubbed slick cum down his crease. Crandall dragged Mike’s mouth to his. Tongues tied together, both men groped wildly, fingers digging into flesh as mouths crushed together with doubled urgency.

“Roll over,” Mike gasped.

“Suck me,” Crandall countered. Crandall’s fingers tugged at Mike’s ass, pulling his cheeks and brushing his hole.

Throwing his head back, Mike shuddered. When the sensation passed, and Crandall’s hands moved on, Mike sucked on Crandall’s lower lip and then bit down on his own for a moment before speaking. “Do you ever think about switching?”

“What’d I say about talking?”

Mike wrinkled his nose and then shrugged and pushed his weight off of Crandall and slipped a hand under Crandall’s ass. “Roll over, Crank. I’m going to fuck you into this mattress.”

“Hell, yeah!”

Crandall flipped over, pushing himself up on his elbows and knees. He grinned over his shoulder as Mike dressed in rubber and squeezed out lube into his palm.

“Damn nice ass,” Mike said. He tossed the bottle onto a pillow and traced two fingers down Crandall’s crease. When Mike reached his entrance, Crandall pushed back, eager and demanding. “Who’s driving here?”

“I am since you’re obviously not.” Crandall said with a grin, wiggling his ass.

Mike shook his head. “You asked for it.” He pushed a finger in and Crandall tensed for a moment, breathing hard, before pushing back, demanding more. “Think you’re up for it?”

“Yes.” Crandall pushed the lube bottle back towards Mike. “Now.”

Mike greased up his cock and, as soon as he knelt behind Crandall and pressed the head of his cock home, Crandall swung his hips back, stretching and crying out as he took half of Mike’s length in one push.

“Easy,” Mike whispered, holding Crandall’s hip with one hand and rubbing circles on the small of his back with the other. “Fuck you’re tight when you rush it.”

“Shut up,” Crandall hissed. After three quick, shallow breaths, he nodded and lowered his forehead to the pillow. “More.”

Mike pulled back, spreading lubrication, and then when he thrust forward, Crandall slammed back with a shuddering moan. Mike tensed, clutching at Crandall’s hips. Once he found his focus and control, he pushed again, driving in deeper and pulling an obscene whimper from Crandall’s lips.

Over the past few weeks, Crandall learned he liked sex hard and fast, and Mike was always happy to provide a thorough fucking. Crandall shoved back again, and that was Mike’s signal. He started fast, thrusting hard until Crandall dropped one shoulder to the mattress, gasping and moaning, fingers tearing at his pillow. Singing, as Mike called it, and loud enough to annoy the neighbors. Mike stopped caring about the noise when his first few attempts to silence Crandall failed. Crank never called out his name, so Mike settled for that semi-secrecy.

Mike forgot vampires and the world in the sound of Crandall’s singing, increasing in pitch as he neared orgasm, and the snug heat of him wrapped around his cock, squeezing him until he felt like he couldn’t push again, but somehow managed to hit that sweet spot one more time.

With his shoulder turned to the mattress, Crandall stroked his cock and rocked to the rhythm Mike set. “Gonna come,” Crandall gasp. “Oh God. Yeah.” He whole body tensed as cum splashed over his stomach and sheets. Legs shaking, Crandall’s knees slide out from under him.

“Not yet,” Mike grunted. He caught Crandall with an arm around his waist and followed him down, still fucking as hard as he could with Crandall clamping down on his cock. Supporting his weight with one hand, Mike fucked deep and came hard. His vision fuzzy, ears ringing, and cock spitting out the last bits of his orgasm, Mike collapsed over Crandall with a sated moan. “Mm, yeah, Crank. That was fucking great.”


Up Next: Lover, Protector


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Posted by on September 19, 2010 in M/M, Yum! (NSFW)


One response to “Always the Answer

  1. Carrie Clevenger

    September 20, 2010 at 7:43 am

    Id love to see a switch. 😉


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