Once Bonded, Never Enough

31 Oct

Angelo strode down the long, open hall towards the library. From his right, beyond the railing overlooking the lower level of his home, he heard a commotion that drew him up short. Hands on the polished rail, he leaned over watching two vampires talking excitedly in the foyer. Jackson spotted him and, after a quick bow of his head, said, “Our guests have arrived at Logan. The word is another arrived with Lucanus.”

“An entourage,” Angelo growled. “To be expected.”

He bowed his head in a deferential nod. “Yes, but…”

“Spit it out Jackson.”

Jackson looked uncomfortable, but knew better than to keep his capo-re waiting. “I overheard a call with the twin, Remus. He seems to think something important is about to occur. He thinks Lucanus’s guest is of great importance.”

Angelo narrowed his eyes. “Prepare to receive our guests, no matter how important they may be.” Without waiting for an answer, Angelo pushed away from the railing and hurried down the hall to the library. The twins were of his Betrothed’s blood. She knew best how reliable they could be.

M’Rhal sat at a large slab of a table, sheets of paper and papyrus in protective sleeves spread out before her. Her slender fingers glided over a passage as if she could derive its meaning from touch alone. She caught her breath and then turned to a page at her right elbow. Her brow crinkled in a frown and then she sat back and sighed.

“What are you looking for?” Angelo stepped forward, moving into the circle of light cast by a stained-glass lamp in the corner.

“Max brought another,” she said. She rose and stepped into his arms. “I reviewed family trees as far back as I could, but I found no clue about the identity of his companion.”

“Then you put faith in what the twins say?” Angelo slid his hands up and down her back, taking comfort in the feel of their blood bond electrifying her skin beneath her thin sweater.

She nodded. “They know better than to bother me with mundane issues. They say Max brought all of the world’s bloodlines with him. They refer to his guest as old blood.” She shook her head and stepped away to lean over her papers.

“Old blood? Max is damn old enough.”

A knock preceded the vampire a second before Jackson approached. After a quick bow of his head, Giovanni said, “Lucanus sends word that he’ll meet you at the club tomorrow night.”

Angelo growled. The young vampire tensed, but had sense enough not to back up or look away.

“Go,” M’rhal told the youngling. As he darted out, she turned to Angelo. “Can you still guarantee the safety of your entertainment?”

“I wish I knew. Not many of any age bother with hunters nowadays. I can’t imagine Max or his companion would care. Were they going out of the way to hunt the hunters when you were reborn, beloved?”

“I met Dante when he was hunting another.”

“But he is immortale. These humans…” He settled into a seat and looked up at her, taking her hand when she offered it. “There haven’t been many in the past century, and these two with their friends have been policing the rogues for us without realizing it.”

“They have not taken any of your own?”

He shook his head. “Not a one.” Then, as a wicked smile curled her lips, Angelo said, “Don’t.”

“Don’t what?” She dropped his hand and climbed onto his lap, straddling his thighs.

“I have work to do.” His thoughts trailed off as her hands tangled in his hair. His blood warmed at her touch. He fought it, but he knew he couldn’t resist her once she’s set her mind to conquering his body.

His hand shot up between them, catching her chin and holding her back. With his other hand, he lifted his phone to his ear and told his head of security to move up their pre-show meeting by an hour tomorrow. He tossed the phone on the table and released M’Rhal simultaneously.

“I changed my mind,” she said, leaning back.

He wrapped his arms around her. He reached into his core, seeking the brama, the magic of their blended blood. “I’d like to see you try,” he said as energy pulsed around them. She shivered and smiled, but did not resist his embrace as he pulled her close and sunk his fangs into her neck.


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