Bedtime does not mean Sleep

21 Nov

“I can’t exactly do that pinned underneath you.” Crandall’s voice dropped an octave, like it did on stage, and that deep tenor dropped down Mike’s body to nestle in his crotch. He gathered Mike’s long locks and pushed them over one shoulder so the hair wouldn’t tickle his nose. “You have a one fucking track mind. You know that, don’t you?”

“Only when you won’t let me sleep,” Mike said with a grin.

Crandall muttered something that might’ve been bullshit, but Mike already yielded to his baser urges. He kissed Crandall’s neck, nipping just under his ear. Licking the bite, his tongue soothed and teased. He continued with open-mouthed kisses, his damp tongue flickering across sensitive skin until Crandall’s moans filled his ears and drove Mike to find naked flesh. When Mike released Crandall to strip him of his pajamas, Crandall kicked out of them and then shoved Mike down to the bed crawling over him. He finished what Mike started, stripping Mike’s pants away and pressing bare skin to bare skin.

Crandall kissed his way down Mike’s chest, pausing to roll a nipple into a hard nub with his lips, while tugging on the other with finger and thumb. Mike arched into his teasing, a quiet moan whispering over his lips. Crandall pushed himself up, hovering over Mike’s lips. He said, “I love that sound. Let it out.”

Mike threw his arms around him and pulled Crandall into a deep, demanding kiss. When they parted, Mike kept his hands moving, caressing and groping each and every spot he could reach. He knew Crandall’s body better than he knew his own. When Crandall’s mouth found his chest again, his tongue drove all of the blood in Mike’s body into his cock. He felt light-headed. He didn’t make Crandall ask again. Crandall’s touch drew out his pleasure and his hands exploring Mike’s abs had Mike whimpering for more. While Crandall’s lips lingered along Mike’s stomach, his hands dove down to stroke his cock and balls, and Mike couldn’t resist a long, shuddering groan.

“Oh God,” Mike moaned. He rocked his hips into Crandall’s touch. “Stop teasing, Crank. Shit…”

Crandall chuckled, his warm breath tickling Mike’s stomach. “That’s what I like to hear.”

“Positive reinforcement.” Mike lifted his head and shoulders, Crandall laying between his thighs always a sight he wanted to enjoy. “Reward the good behavior.”

The grin that ripped through Crandall’s face made Mike shudder. “Oh hell yeah,” Mike said.

“Yes,” Crandall said as if reading his mind.

He licked his lips and then lapped at the soft mushroom head of Mike’s cock. Mike moaned. Propped up on his elbows, his arms trembled, threatening to dump him onto the bed, but he loved to watch and Crandall didn’t disappoint. With one smooth, practiced motion, Crandall stretched his mouth around Mike’s cock and ran his flattened tongue down the underside of his shaft as he took all of Mike’s length in one quick swallow.

Mike’s mouth hung open as if in sympathy for the strain on Crandall’s lips. His eyes rested at half-mast, glued to Crandall as he nearly but didn’t quite get his nose to the dark curls at the base of his cock. Crandall pulled back, and then, without warning or mercy, he began a quick bob up and down. His cheeks caved in at the bottom of each stroke, sucking his way back up, only to dive down and swallow Mike again. His fingers dug into Mike’s right thigh, while his free hand alternated between putting pressure on the base of Mike’s penis and stroking his balls, tugging them even as they tightened, drawing up in preparation for a powerful finale.

Grabbing Mike’s cock, and squeezing the base gently, Crandall pulled back to lap at the head, drinking up the leaking droplets of cum. “Not yet,” he said, his breath dancing over Mike’s damp prick. “Don’t you dare come yet.” Still holding the pressure point, fighting the impending orgasm while daring Mike to come with his lips, Crandall licked around the ridge before sucking the soft head into his mouth again.

Still propped up on his elbows, Mike’s head dropped, his hair pooling beneath him. His eyes rolled back and he panted at the ceiling in quiet whimpering moans. He didn’t want to come any more than Crandall wanted him to, but Crank had become an expert at sucking cock over the past couple of months. The practice had been fun. With that thought, Mike moaned his name and said, “I’m going to come. Need to. Fuck, Crank.”

Mike fell back on the mattress and dug his hands into Crandall’s wild orange hair. He bucked up off the bed, thrusting into Crandall’s mouth, and fighting the urge to hold his head against his crotch as he did.

“Oh God. Yeah!”

With one final buck that kept his ass off the mattress for several seconds, Mike came, shooting pearly strings of cum over Crandall’s tongue. Crandall swallowed every bit like a pro, savoring the salty flavor of power and victory. Crandall continued to suck and lick Mike’s prick until it softened and Mike’s fingers shifted from pulling his hair, to smoothing it back from his face.

“That was…” Mike’s words faded into a sated moaning sigh.


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Posted by on November 21, 2010 in M/M, Relationships, Yum! (NSFW)


One response to “Bedtime does not mean Sleep

  1. Alanna Coca

    November 22, 2010 at 12:18 pm

    Yay for make-up sex!


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