Love tastes like Afterglow

28 Nov

Rising up on his knees, Crandall licked his lips, grinning with the power he had over Mike.

“Give me a minute,” Mike said. His gaze crawled over the slender man kneeling between his thighs. Since the vampire bit him, Crandall had started to fill out. It wasn’t unusual. The hunter blood, once activated, improved strength, instinct, and speed. His chest and shoulders previously boyishly thin, now sported subtle definition. His arms curved a little more under the ball of his shoulder and when he stroked his still hard cock, his core flexed, hitting at a strong center that would only improve once he settled into his training routine.

Mike shook his head, his gaze redirected to Crandall’s fist, or rather, the cock sliding through it. He couldn’t remember how work crept into his mind, but he didn’t care either. “Come here,” he said. He reached for Crandall, squeezing one thigh. “I’ll finish you off.”

Crandall shook his head. His eyes drooped to half-mast. Cum seeped from his slit, but he ran a finger over the head of his cock and rubbed the spunk along his shaft with a soft moan.

“No need.” Crandall dropped over Mike, catching weight with his free hand. With his mouth hovering just over Mike’s, Crandall said, “I’m going to shoot it all over you.” He ran his tongue over Mike’s lips until Mike sucked it into his mouth. Deepening the kiss, Crandall’s hips worked against Mike’s, bumping the damp head of his cock against Mike’s stomach.

As he neared his end, Crandall pulled away from the kiss and from Mike’s groping hands. He rose up on his knees, arching his back as he yanked his dick over Mike. “Almost there,” he said. His breathing quickened, as did the bucking of his hips. His fingers slipped over the end of his cock, stroking quick and sharp, gasping and moaning.

“Do it,” Mike said. He squeezed Crandall’s thighs, and then rubbed his way up his body to toy with his nipples. Crandall gasped at his touch encouraging Mike to tug harder, rolling the little dark nubs between his fingers. “Come for me, Crank. Do it.”

With several shallow, sharp thrusts and a long, low groan, Crandall came, spurting hot, sticky spunk over Mike’s chest and stomach, with one stream just missing his right ear. Still panting, Crandall dropped over Mike, holding himself just off of his body and the sticky mess he’d left. Hanging his head, he pressed his mouth to Mike’s, welcoming his tongue for one more union of lust before he rolled to the side, and landed on his back with a heavy, sated sigh.

“Fuck yeah,” Crandall said to the ceiling.

“Fuck yeah,” Mike agreed.

Mike shifted to his side and grabbed a t-shirt from the floor. He wiped himself as clean as he could be bothered with, and tossed the soiled shirt into a dark corner. He pulled Crandall beneath him as he rolled over, drawing him into a long, lazy kiss in the process.

“Still not tired?” Crandall asked.

Mike laughed. “Your fault, but you’re worth it.” He licked his lips and then relaxed over Crandall, enjoying the feel of his warm body pressed close. With his head resting on Crandall’s pillow and his nose in his ear, Mike whispered, “I do love you, Crank. I have since before I first kissed you.”

“Don’t do that.” Crandall turned his head to give Mike his signature stare. “I mean it. Don’t. I used to hate when Beryl would expect me to say ‘I love you’ just because she did, and if I didn’t, she’d get her panties in a bunch. Don’t do it.”

For a moment, Mike ground his teeth in frustration, but his anger dissipated without a solid foundation to roost. He slid to one side, resting his weight on the mattress while he kept his leg and arm thrown over Crandall’s warm body. “I’m not. I love you, Crank. I’ve just… I mean, I figured it’d weird you out.”

“People in my personal space freak me out, not words. Words are nothing.”

Mike snorted. “I know. You never mince words. I still do the socially appropriate thing once in a while with you, but that’s not why I said it.”

“Okay.” Then after a few seconds of silence. “Good. I like that. So, what are we going to do about the show?”

“Don’t ruin my afterglow, Crank. We’ll talk about it tomorrow.”

Crandall nodded and rolled to his side, giving Mike his back. Mike obediently snuggled in,  his body flush against Crandall while one arm wrapped  tightly around his waist.

“Good night,” Mike whispered.

Crandall grunted something wordless in return.


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