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16 Jan

“Really?” Beryl shifted her weight to one foot, jutting out a hip. “Rain? I mean, really? You’re some kind of heavy metal band with a college alternative opener. You look like you’ve been sleeping in your make up for three days. Then you call yourself Rain? Who’s this?” She gestured at a quickly angering vampire to her right. “Sunshine?”

Sunshine growled and grabbed her arms. He swung her around and slammed her into a wall with a growl and a curse. “It’s called death metal,” he said.

Crandall leapt to his feet, reaching for the stake that wasn’t there. Mike rushed around the sofa, but Rain caught him with an arm around his waist, turning into the drummer, his body as an immovable obstacle. “Leave it,” Rain hissed in Mike’s ear. “He didn’t hurt her.” He chuckled softly and added, “She likes it. If only you could smell that lust.”

“Get off of me.” Mike’s words rasped and he yanked away from the vampire in disgust, and then quickly tried to cover it, wary of causing further insult.

The vampire pressed against Beryl from chest to hips, his legs spread wide and strong. She eased her thigh between them. Beryl’s eyes sparkled despite her scowl, and her brightly painted lips parted, a moist tongue flitting along her teeth just behind them. The vampire, mirroring her tick, or perhaps inspiring it, pushed his tongue between his fangs and grinned down at his prey.

Beryl took a deep breath, her chest pressed against his, and then exhaled slowly. Her eye lids drooped as her gaze fell to his mouth, his lips pulled back in a snarl. She said, “Do you bite with those fangs, or are they just for posturing with the boys?”

“Do you need a demonstration human?” he growled. He ducked his head and inhaled deeply, his nose just above the delicate skin of her neck. His tongue swiped over his lips an inch from her thrumming pulse.

Mike tensed, and shot a dirty look at Rain. Jackson stood alert, but remained near the door, watching with boredom painted across his features. Rain said, “Is she yours?” Mike glared at him, but kept his mouth shut.

Crandall stomped up to the two against the wall and shoved the vampire’s shoulder. “Back off, Fang,” he said.

“Fuck off,” Beryl said, even as the vampire leveled a pissed off stare at the singer.

“Fuck you. This guy’s dangerous, Beryl. You can do better.”

She rolled her eyes. “Like you?”

“Not interested,” Crandall said with a snort.

“Then fuck off.” She turned her attention back to the decked out musician. “I could fix that make-up job for you.”

Sunshine’s laugh sounded somewhere between a chuckle and a growl. Crandall’s fingers toyed with the empty stakeholder and he shot an angry glare at Mike for stealing it. His attention snapped back to his bassist when the vampire pulled Beryl away from the wall and swung her into the spot Crandall vacated. The vampire dropped onto her lap, straddling her thighs and digging his hands into her hair. His mouth devoured hers without preamble.

Two of his bandmates cheered him on while Rain eyed Mike, waiting for him to try something stupid.

“What the fuck!” Crandall shoved the vampire off Beryl’s lap. He fell on his ass beside the sofa, a snarl already distorting his features.

Jackson intercepted him as he rose to his feet, fury in the gaze locked on Crandall. Beryl shot up and slapped Crandall. The sounds of flesh impacting flesh echoed in the small room. “You had your chance,” she said. “Now back the fuck off.”

Cheek red with both anger and the slap, Crandall flipped her off and stormed out the door. Mike considered following, but didn’t trust the vampires to hold up their end of the deal if he left his bandmates alone with them. The one that had claimed Beryl’s attention definitely had ideas for getting her alone, and for all Mike knew, the movies and books were true, and he didn’t want Beryl to be the creep’s dinner with her feet in the air.

“Time for the show,” Jackson said. His hand remained on Sunshine’s chest, even after Crandall left. He patted the bigger man and then turned towards Beryl. “Sidney will met you at the end of the hall and escort you to the stage.”

Mike walked around Rain and the sofa, putting himself between Sunshine and Beryl. Jon shrugged at him behind her back and headed after Crandall. Beryl winked and blew a kiss at Sunshine and then headed out followed closely by Mike. On the way out the door, Mike shed his t-shirt and tossed it towards a chair, the tattoo sleeve flowing and twitching with the underlying muscle. He didn’t usually break a sweat before settling behind his set, but he didn’t usually have to share a room with six vampires either.


Up Next: Invincible Determination


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