Delaying the Inevitable

20 Feb

With a snarl, Chaos-nee-Sunshine strode out of the hall followed by his band. Sidney pushed Mike aside to step around him and study the cursing, struggling singer with a mix of amusement and anger. “Okay, Crandall,” Sidney said. “Jackson’s going to let you go and you’re going to put that stake away. Got it?”

“Fuck you, fucking Fang-brains.”

Sidney snorted a laugh. “Let me put it in a way that you can understand. If that stake touches anything but your belt, I’m going to break your neck. This truce only works if everyone sticks to it. Got it?”

“Like fucking Sunshine did?”

Sidney nodded and Jackson released Crandall, stepping back as the singer spun around, the stake held out between them. Jackson said, “Chaos is going to have a scar in the center of his chest for a month, thanks to you.”

“I didn’t stake the mother-fucker, though he deserved it.”

“Doesn’t matter.” Jackson glanced at Sidney. “The wood pierced his shirt and burnt skin.”

At the sound of cheering drifting through the door, Sidney twisted around to glance towards the stage. The entire crew of Dead Inside took their places, out of the way for now. He looked back at the hunters and said, “Do not draw a weapon again. There are exceptions to the rule, and if you threaten one of us, we will defend ourselves.”

“He grabbed me first.”

“You weren’t in danger,” Jackson said.

Mike stepped between them when he saw Crandall’s back stiffen. The singer wasn’t going to back down on this one. “A vampire can break out necks without a weapon. Tell the band to keep their hands to themselves.”

“Except Beryl,” Jackson said.

Sidney shrugged and agreed. “Fine, I’ll tell them you have touching issues.”

“Beryl too.”

Laughing, Sidney shook his head. “You should be grateful that Chaos likes her. No one’s going to fuck with his girlfriend. It’s too risky for any but the strongest of us.”

“She’s not his girlfriend,” Crandall said. Mike held up an arm, preventing Crandall from getting closer to the head of security.

“She just sucked his tongue on stage, so I’m thinking you might need to look up ‘girlfriend’ in the dictionary.”

Jackson laughed and Crandall rounded on him. “Fuck you. Some fucking security man you are. I had to defend myself from that fucker. I should fucking stake you instead.”

Jackson shrugged. “I will break your neck if you try. The band is amused by your anger, but I’m not. Point a stake at me and I’ll tear you apart without hesitation.”

“Enough posturing boys.”

They all turned toward the voice in the doorway. Rosey was lithe and thin, but her presence filled the doorway giving Mike that trapped feeling once more, even though this time, he had a clear shot to the door. He knew he couldn’t make it, even if he tried.

“Are you ready for visitors?” she asked Crandall.

“I’ve had enough vampires for one night.”

“I’m not asking.”

“I know.”

She raised a delicately plucked eyebrow.

“You’re a helluva lot stronger than they are.” He shrugged at the security duo. “And more powerful than Angelo by far. I’m not going to fuck with you.”

She smiled. “If you see that then you know you can’t pull any of your nonsense with my master either.”

“Yeah, so get it fucking over with. Okay?”

“And you?” she asked Mike. “Do you sense our power too?”

“I know I can’t take you alone. My instincts are good.”

“You and two others that weren’t here last time,” Crandall said. “Go fetch them. I want to go home and get laid.”

“Do not worry about that. We will not waste your time.” She nodded demurely, and then turned and glided back into the club.


Up Next: Maximian


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