Hit the Switch

01 May

After a quick shower and two towels to dry his hair, Mike dressed in a pair of cotton drawstring pants and sat on the edge of Crandall’s bed. Crandall huddled under his blankets, lying on his side, facing the wall.

“Should I sleep in my own room?”

“Why would you do that?” Crandall asked the wall.

Mike stretched out on his back, one arm folded beneath his head. “No reason.”

As his eyes drifted shut, his mind raced with thoughts of living through ages. Watching empires rise and fall, technological leaps, flight—

Did vampires fly too?

“Fuck,” Mike muttered and rolled to the side, sitting up. He rubbed his eyes trying to erase the violent buzzing of fear and wonder. They were already hard to kill, but he’d never been told that they really could live forever.

Forever was a damn long time.

“Mike?” Crandall’s fingers followed his voice in a light stuttering trail up Mike’s spine. “Lie down.”

“Nah, man. I can’t sleep.” He rocked his head over his shoulders, stretching muscles that insisted on tension. Crandall’s fingers tangled in the hair that hung between Mike’s shoulder blades and tugged.

“Hey!” Mike reached back but Crandall pulled harder.

“Lie down, Mike.” It wasn’t a request, his voice low and husky, tired but demanding.

Mike had no choice but to relent. Crandall’s free hand supported his back, lowering him slowly to bed without letting up on his hair. When Mike’s head touched the pillow, Crandall shifted his grip, tugging a fresh handful of hair at his temple as he crawled over Mike’s body, smothering him with a kiss before he could object to the hair pulling again.

Crandall’s tongue pushed past Mike’s lips angry and demanding. A small growl vibrated in his throat. With one knee, he pushed between Mike’s thighs and then settled between his legs, pressing their bodies together, and nestling in the cradle of his hips.

Mike relaxed beneath him, but Crandall didn’t break the kiss until he felt Mike’s hands on his body, skating down his back, pausing only to sneak beneath the hem of his t-shirt.

“Better,” Crandall said, lifting his head to pull his mouth out of reach. “So what the fuck?”

“What do you mean?” Mike clung to Crandall, preventing his retreat as he lifted head and shoulders from the mattress to nip at Crandall’s neck.

Crandall tightened his grip to pull Mike’s head back to the bed, but did nothing to hide the small smile, the attention had inspired. “I mean, why did you get pissed because I’m not in the mood for sex?”

“It’s not that.” One hand remained behind to caress small circles on bare skin while the other grabbed Crandall’s wrist. “Stop with the hair already.”

“What is it then?” Crandall tightened his hold only relaxing when Mike grumbled but released his wrist.

“Okay, I get why you think that, but it’s not. On the other hand, if you’re going to lie on top of me, it’s going to be.”

He grabbed Crandall’s ass and squeezed, lifting his lips, pressing their groins together. Crandall might not have been interested, but the potential was there, growing between them.

Crandall tugged again and Mike growled. “If you’re going to pull my hair, you’re going to need to fuck me too.”

He stopped, but instead of letting go, Crandall’s fingers flexed, massaging Mike’s scalp. “We haven’t tried that. Do you want to?”

Eyes drifting shut, Mike considered a switch. He would if Crandall wanted to, but did he want it? He would have and often did say no to others before Crandall, but those had never been relationships either. With Crandall, he had an intimacy he’d never enjoyed before.

“Maybe,” Mike said.

“Maybe? What kind of answer is that? Either you want to or you don’t.”

Mike took a deep breath and sighed softly. His hands wandered over Crandall’s body as he tried to picture letting Crandall fuck him. He couldn’t bring the image to mind, but his cock reacted favorable. He shifted his hips, trying to make himself comfortable, and then opened his eyes.

“I’m not sure. I haven’t done it in years. Do you want to?”

Crandall’s gaze slid to the side. After a moment, he shook his head.  “I don’t know either. I like what we have now. I’m curious about anything we can do together, but I really like your cock up my ass.”

“So crass.” Mike chuckled.

“Don’t start fucking complaining about that.”

“I’m not. I like my cock up your ass too.”


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