Pancake Tease

08 May

Crandall dug all ten fingers into Mike’s hair as he lowered his head to press his lips over Mike’s. Mike couldn’t complain about the hair pulling with Crandall’s tongue slipping into his mouth. Nor would he with Crandall’s weight pressing down on his, even clothed.

A soft hum purred from Crandall’s throat as he undulated his body, writhing against Mike. He lifted his head, tilting his chin up, and Mike took the hint, nuzzling the soft skin under Crandall’s jaw before nipping gently. He followed the bite with a soothing tongue and open-mouthed kiss.

When Crandall tucked his chin to his chest, he tugged on Mike’s hair drawing Mike’s gaze up from his mouth to his eyes. “Take me out for pancakes,” Crandall said.

“Pancakes?” Mike blinked and cleared his throat. “Really?”

Crandall snorted and rolled to the side. His usual response to questioning anything he said was nothing compared to losing the warmth of his body. Mike rolled after him, throwing an arm around Crandall’s waist and dragging him under his body as he turned face down, grinning at Crandall’s annoyed expression. “C’mon man, you can’t blame me for being thrown by that statement. You’re grinding against me one second, and the next you’re hungry? Does that even make sense?”

Mike settled his body over Crandall’s, their legs scissored together, and one of Mike’s elbows beside Crandall’s head to support his weight. His free hand remained around his lover, preventing him from squirming away. While Mike kept Crandall from slipping away, he watched his lover’s face for signs of panic. Too much, too close, especially when Crandall wasn’t expecting it could set off an anxiety attack with little warning. They’d been friends and roommates long enough that Mike knew the signs, even if he didn’t respect all of the triggers.

“Get off of me, asshat.” Crandall had gone from playfully tugging Mike’s hair to pushing his palms flat against Mike’s chest, shoving him back, but unable to leverage any strength from his supine position. He grumbled and cursed while Mike chuckled, waiting patiently for his conquest to surrender.

“Just answer my question,” Mike said. “Then, I’ll let you go.”


“I know you, Crank. You won’t give me a BS answer just to make me let you go.”

Crandall made a fist and slammed it against Mike’s chest. Mike winced, but didn’t release him.

“Fine.” Crandall snorted and glared straight into Mike’s eyes. “I’m hungry and we haven’t gone to IHOP since we started fucking. I miss those late night trips after our gigs.”

Mike frowned and cocked his head in a thoughtful, memory searching pose. “We must’ve.”

“We haven’t,” Crandall insisted.

“Huh.” Mike returned his gaze to Crandall, but instead of looking into his eyes, he watched his lips.

“So get the fuck off of me so I can get some pancakes.” Crandall shoved him hard.

When Mike rolled off of him, he landed on the mattress between Crandall and the rest of the room, trapping him against the wall without touching him. Crandall sat up and glowered at Mike for a long moment before throwing a leg over his body to climb off the bed. Mike remained still except to fold an arm beneath his head.

“Let’s go,” Crandall said. He shrugged out of his pajama pants and stepped into a pair of brown corduroys.

“You go ahead. I’m not hungry.” Mike glanced over and smirked. “Besides, I need to take care of this.” He rubbed his cock through his cotton pants, rolling his hips up into his touch.

“You said you weren’t mad about that.” Crandall glared at him from the center of the room, wearing one shoe while the other dangled from his fingers.

“I’m not, but I can’t get into my jeans like this.”


“Hi pot, I’m kettle.”


“You know that old saying? The pot calling the kettle black?” Mike slipped his hands under the waistband, slowly stroking his hard prick.

“So you are mad.”

Mike grinned. “Nope. I don’t mind taking care of it myself. You’re the one being impatient.”

“Fuck you.”

“Nah, I got this.”


“You were the one rubbing all over me, Crank.” He licked his lips and let his eyes drift shut. Ignoring Crandall, he swiped a thumb over the head of his cock, pressing lightly against the slit until a moan slipped unbidden from his lips.

“Damn it, Mike. You’re teasing me.”

Mike chuckled. “Is there a better way to jerk off?”


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Posted by on May 8, 2011 in Flirtations, Love & Lust, M/M


One response to “Pancake Tease

  1. Alanna Coca

    May 8, 2011 at 9:07 pm

    Ugh. Sometimes I just want to strangle Crandall! Mike has the patience of a saint.


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