Best Laid Plans

15 May

“Yes,” Crandall said. “A much better way.” He dropped the shoe he had been holding, and the toed out of the one he’d already put on. He knelt on the bed and tugged Mike’s pants off.

Mike assisted, lifting his hips, but otherwise focusing on pleasuring himself. “Want to help?”

“Nope. Just watching.” Crandall dropped Mike’s pants over the side of the bed and then straddled his thighs. Mike’s gaze dropped to Crandall’s crotch, noticing that his cords looked a little too tight.

“Okay,” Mike said. “But I’m pretending my hand is your mouth, so be quiet.”

“Fuck you.”

Mike chuckled. He reached down to cup his balls with his left hand while slowly stroking his cock with his right. He moaned, tilting his hips up.  He kicked his foot, unseating Crandall. Once Crank dropped to the mattress, sitting beside him, Mike brought his knees up, his feet flat on the mattress to better buck into his hands.

“Oh yeah,” he whispered. He rolled his head to the side, studying Crandall through half closed eyes. “You’re so fucking hot, Crank.”

Crank narrowed his eyes, but said nothing.

“You don’t think so?”

“I don’t lust after myself. Obviously, I get you hot and bothered.”

“Do you know why?”


“Neither do I.” Mike chuckled, his hands working faster. “Mmm, but I don’t care either. You’re sexy… you’re hot in bed… and while you’re a pain in the ass sometimes, you’re…ughnn…” Mike’s eyes drifted shut and he bucked into the tunnel of his hand.

“Sappy, Mike.” Crandall rolled his eyes.

Mike grunted and bucked his hips, tugging on balls and cock at once.

“I’ll show you pain in the ass.” Crandall pushed Mike’s legs down, and grabbed both of his wrists, lifting his arms over his head as he sprawled over his body. He pressed his hips to Mike’s, rubbing their groins together with near vicious pleasure.

With a moan, Mike arched up against him. “Please do,” he said, his voice low and rough. His muscles flexed, but he didn’t struggle to escape from Crandall’s restraint.

“No, I mean it. I’ll be a pain in your ass, as in–”

Mike’s eyes snapped open and then widened even further. “Now?”

“Yes.” Crandall growled aggressively, pushing their cocks together again.

Mike moaned again. “Damn,” he said in an exhaled breath. “Get rid of the pants. That shit is rough on my skin.”

Crandall rolled off the bed in the blink of an eye. He ripped open his fly and shoved his pants down his legs, his gaze never leaving Mike. He retrieved a condom and a bottle of lube before returning to his position lying on Mike. He held the foil wrapped latex between them, and said, “Will you let me?”

Mike bit his lower lip, his eyes not on the condom, but just beyond it on Crandall’s mouth, the corner of the latex fuzzy in the periphery of his vision. “I haven’t in a long time,” he said.

“That doesn’t answer the question.”

“We’d have to take it very slow.” Mike exhaled slowly. He trembled inside, while his body still writhed against the pressure of Crandall’s weight over him, now even more exquisite with flesh sliding against flesh. He wrapped his arms around Crandall’s waist and kissed the wrist of the hand holding the condom.

Crandall tossed the prophylactic on the pillow beside Mike’s head. “How about a toy to practice then?”

“Excuse me?” Mike’s voice trembled slightly. He blamed it on confusion. There wasn’t much blood left for his brain. “You want to buy a dildo?”

“Maybe, but I was leaning toward a butt plug.”

“For me, or you?”

“Yes.” Crandall’s grin was mischievous. “For me, but since you offered, you need one too. It’d help loosen you up.”

“And you know this how?” Mike rocked his hips, focusing on the feel of his cock sliding against Crandall’s stomach, brushing along his hard prick. Fuck, he’d only wanted to jack off, and couldn’t seem to manage that without a disruption and a discussion.

Crandall stared into Mike’s eyes, and Mike used all of his willpower not to squirm under that penetrating gaze. Crandall dropped an elbow on either side of Mike’s head to prop up his weight. His nose within inches of Mike’s face, Crandall said, “Research, Mike. I can still access all those blocked sites at the office.”

“You’ve been researching gay sex at work?” Mike’s astonishment chased away his uncertainty and discomfort over Crandall’s proposition.

“I control all of that shit. No one would ever guess it’s accessible at all through our systems.” Crandall shifted his weight to a knee braced beside Mike’s hip. He moved the other thigh forward, rubbing against Mike’s crotch. Mike gasped at the contact, his interest in getting laid refocused, and toys forgotten.

“Are you going for breakfast, or what?” Mike mumbled his question as he lifted his head from his pillow to nip at Crandall’s neck.

“First I want you to fuck me,” Crandall said. “Second, I want to go to one of those sex shops downtown. Then, we can go to IHOP.”

Mike’s head reeled with the directional changes of their conversation since leaving the club, but first impressions felt like they headed down a good path, and he’d reconsider after he fulfilled Crandall’s first request, the one that he’d wanted all along. He wondered if Crandall allowed himself to be played, but dismissed the thought when Crandall’s lips came crashing down over his mouth, his tongue assaulting Mike’s with feral intensity. It didn’t matter because he was finally getting laid.


Up Next: Mike’s Interlude, part one


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Posted by on May 15, 2011 in Love & Lust, M/M, Relationships, Yum! (NSFW)


One response to “Best Laid Plans

  1. Alanna Coca

    May 15, 2011 at 7:27 pm

    Oh, good plan, Crandall. Glad he’s thinking straight.


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