Crank’s Interlude, part 1

12 Jun

“Three,” I said.

“Okay,” he mumbled. I slipped out of the room as Mike sunk into post-orgasmic slumber. I took a quick shower and then returned to the bedroom to kick him out of bed. When he refused to wake up, I tried to roll him off the mattress. He caught himself before he fell. I wasn’t worried. I’d seen his reflexes against Fangs.

“I’m awake,” he snapped. He rolled to a sitting position, and then lifted his head to glare over his shoulder at me where I sat cross-legged on the bed behind him.

I leaned forward to rub his shoulders. While I was there, I used one hand to brush his hair aside and kiss the back of his neck. He looked tired, but I had an idea in my head, and I wasn’t going to sleep any time soon.

“Please, Mike,” I said. “I want to go fucking shopping.”


“Yes.” I rubbed harder. He dropped his chin to his chest, sighing softly as I worked his tense muscles.

“What about pancakes?”

“After shopping.”

“Shopping?” He rubbed my face. “I need a cigarette.” He didn’t smoke anywhere near as much as he used to. He’d been kind of quitting at the time we started fucking around, and I had to give him credit for not going back to the pack a day consumption after that Fang bitch bit me. I hadn’t taken the transition well, and he got the brunt of the pain for it. I did have a hand in keeping him distracted from smoking those nasty things too. I had no complaints about providing other oral fixations.

I brushed my lips over the ridges of his ear. “You need a butt plug,” I whispered.

He tensed under my hands. I kept rubbing. He said, “I forgot about that conversation.”

If I had to, I’d go by myself, but I’d already convinced myself that buying him a couple of sexy toys would be helpful, and a load of fucking fun. Worst case scenario, I’d still have fun playing alone.

“Right, okay, man. I’ll drive you to an adult store. You know what you need?”

“Need?” I laughed and kissed his neck again, thrilled that I wouldn’t have to go alone. He made me happy in a way I’d only ever achieved on stage. To say I was thrilled he’d go with me would be a gross fucking understatement. “Want would be a better word.”

“Okay, as long as you know what you want.” He twisted around and caught my mouth, pressing his tongue between my lips. When we parted he said, “Just remember, we have a morning meeting. I do need a couple of hours of sleep tonight.”

“Yeah, right.” I grinned wickedly. As if I was going to buy sex toys and then go to sleep the moment we arrived home. Mike could be stubborn, but I knew he didn’t believe a fucking word of that.


I knew what I was looking for, but I hadn’t bothered to step foot into an adult store. Ever. The garish neon lights and ubiquitous giant XXX decorating every shop, no matter its location, never piqued my curiosity. I wasn’t much of a sexual creature until I learned how damn fucking good it could be with Mike, so I kept busy with other matters at that age when boys desired to become men. Never fucking mind what. It wouldn’t interest you anyway.

The front of the store displayed gaudy costumes from brightly colored cat suits to lace baby doll lingerie in all sizes. Three women browsed the racks, ignoring us as we cut through the randomly placed racks. I spotted a display of plastic encased somethings along one wall that could be the items I sought. Mike lagged behind. He’d made me promise to behave myself in the car. So worried about anyone finding out his preference for men, he tried to remain in his Mustang, but I wanted his opinion, and I wanted to do this with him.

I also wanted to hang all over him — grab his ass, make crude jokes, stick my tongue in his ear – but that was why he made me promise. We stood in a shop specializing in sex and sexuality, and he still hid behind a thin veil of a mask. The whores we walked past on the way in weren’t fooled, if they noticed us at all. And the balding pedophile behind the cash register couldn’t care less as long as he made a sale and could go back to the porno he had playing behind the counter. Yeah, I was assuming that stuff, but none of them looked at us twice and, as I spun around, checking out the other wares of the shop, I checked them each again, and with the exception of one hooker near the door that immediately made me think transvestite, everyone had their eyes elsewhere. I winked at the tranny and then darted past Mike to rows and rows of sex toys hanging on the wall.

“How about this one?” I pulled a black butt plug off a hook. Simple, no vibrator, no funky shape, I glanced up at Mike.

“It’s kind of… big.”

I held it in front of my crotch and waggled it around. “It looks about right to me,” I said.

Mike turned three shades of red and I did my best not to laugh. I had promised to behave; I was trying.

“I’ll be in the car,” he said. I let him go.


Up Next: Crandall’s Interlude, part two


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Posted by on June 12, 2011 in Flirtations, Identity, Love & Lust, M/M


One response to “Crank’s Interlude, part 1

  1. Alanna Coca

    June 12, 2011 at 8:27 pm

    Omg Crank you little turd! Haha great installment Pia. I can’t wait for them both to come out. They could kiss on stage and get the crowd all worked up….rawr.


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