25 Mar

Crandall paused in the doorway to his bedroom and turned around. “Now remember,” he said as he placed a restraining hand on Mike’s chest, “a duet is two people singing.”

Mike grinned and he drew his brows together as he tried to piece together Crandall’s meaning through the lust fogging his mind. After a long moment where he briefly entertained the thought of throwing Crandall over his shoulder and carrying him to the bed, he realized what Crandall meant. “I try,” he said. “You know I do.”

“Yes, well, try harder.”

“You know…” Mike grabbed a handful of Crandall’s shirt and pulled him in for a kiss. Keeping his lips near Crandall’s, he said, “That song isn’t really a duet. I have, like, two lines for each verse.”

“Shut up, Mike.”

“No really.” He released Crandall’s shirt when Crandall grabbed his wrist and walked backward, tugging Mike along with him. “I may have missed my cue, but I do know that song.”

“No. Really, Mike. Shut the fuck up.”

Mike grinned. He felt good. The weed, the flirting, the beer, the music; life was good. “No singing?” He snickered and stumbled forward, his gaze locked on Crandall’s mouth, and his thoughts focused entirely on the sinful things Crandall could do with that mouth.

Crandall dropped Mike’s wrist and grabbed his biceps. He spun them both around and then pushed Mike. Mike hit the bed and fell back. “Shutting up,” Mike said.

Crandall stood over him, silent. Mike held out a hand, and Crandall took it. He draped his body over Mike’s in slow motion as he lowered his weight to the bed. Mike shifted until their groins lined up. He moaned as rubbed their cocks together. Crandall ground his hips down, creating intense and pleasurable friction until a strangled cry escape Mike’s lips. Crandall pressed their mouths together, sucking Mike’s lower lip. He lifted his head, his eyes glazed and his mouth open.

“That gets me so fucking hot,” Crandall said.

“What?” Mike rocked his hips, gasping softly. “This?”

“No.” Crandall ground back. “You slipping.”

“Uh-huh. Mmm…Get naked with me.”

Crandall pressed a finger against Mike’s mouth. “I am going to make you come undone if it takes me all fucking night.”

“Sounds like a challenge.”

Crandall narrowed his eyes and stilled his movements. Mike groaned in disappointment. “C’mon, man, move.” He bucked his hips as he grabbed Crandall’s ass, pressing their cocks together. “Oh, God…” Mike threw his head back as Crandall resumed his grinding. “Yeah… Crank… Yeah…”

“That’s it,” Crandall said. He pressed his lips to Mike’s ear and then moaned. “Fuck, Mike. Give me what I fucking want.”

Mike shivered. He moved his hands from Crandall’s ass to his hips. “Wait,” he said in between soft moans.


“You’re going to make me cum in my shorts.”

Crandall paused, and then eased back. Mike swallowed a whimper at the loss of contact, but then grinned as Crandall pulled his shirt over his head. He watched Crandall unbutton his corduroys, but he didn’t take them off. He glanced up. Crandall rolled his eyes and said, “I am not undressing you.”

Mike palmed his crotch, rubbing slowly. “You sure? I really like when you do.”

“Are you bribing me?” Crandall asked. He kept his hands at his waistband.

“Maybe. Don’t you want to hear me sing?” Mike giggled and then snorted, and laughed again. “Shit, I’m surprised I can get it up after that fat one.”

Crandall shoved his pants down and stepped out of them. “It wasn’t any more than usual.”

Mike reached for Crandall, but Crandall caught his hand and moved it over his head. He then took the other hand and did the same, pinning both wrists to the pillow above Mike’s head. Mike could’ve slipped free when Crandall lowered one hand, but that hand reached for his fly, and Mike wouldn’t interfere with that. Besides, Crandall’s tongue teasing the ridges of his ear more than distracted him from anything he could do with his hands.

Once Crandall popped the button and eased down the zipper, Mike sighed. “Better,” he whispered.

Crandall slipped his hand in between pants and boxers, cupping Mike’s balls in his palm.

“More,” Mike said.

“What?” Crandall breathed the word over Mike’s damp ear, making him shiver.

“More.” Mike gasped out the word.

“You sure?”

Mike turned his head toward Crandall, seeking his lips. Crandall opened his mouth, offering his tongue. As the kiss deepened, Crandall toyed with Mike’s balls, as one finger pressed against the sensitive flesh behind them. Mike rolled his hips into the touch. He tried to remember to relax enough to let Crandall hear what he wanted to hear. Mike had spent so much time hiding; holding back the expression of pleasure in moans or other noises tended towards second nature now. For Crandall, he was willing to change that, if only he could remember long enough. The things Crandall did to him made thinking beyond difficult. Tonight, however, it seemed easy.

“Fuck, yeah,” Mike said into Crandall’s mouth.

Crandall lifted his head. His eyes were wide and glazed with desire, but his stare was as unwavering as ever. “More?”



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