Say What You Mean

14 Apr

Crandall never doubted anyone’s word. While he knew people sometimes said things they didn’t mean, it never dawned on him to question a statement made by anyone, let alone from Mike, his best and most trusted friend. And yet, in that moment between the first and second request, even as his cock responded, growing harder and painfully so, he wondered if this was one of those times when he should. Mike knew better. He knew Crandall didn’t understand that particular tactic for social conversation, and yet, this request was so unlike Mike, that Crandall couldn’t help but wonder if he meant it.

“Crank…” The way Mike moaned his name, the way he writhed beneath his weight, the way his fingers dug into the meat of Crandall’s ass, pulling them closer, as if trying to climb inside his skin, all told Crandall, Mike did want what Crandall wanted. Still, Crandall hesitated. Confused, and then angry that he should have to question such an offer at all.

Crandall pushed off Mike and rolled to the edge of the bed. He swung his feet to the floor and let his head hang until his chin nearly touched his chest. “Fuck,” he muttered.

For a full minute, no one moved and no one spoke.

Then, the bed shifted, and Mike pressed against Crandall’s back. One arm circled his chest while the other hand reached around Crandall’s hip to caress his thigh. Mike kissed his neck, and Crandall shrugged, warding him away.

Mike stiffened momentarily, and then he resumed his touches. Strong hands and soft lips brushed lightly over skin. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

“I don’t know what to do.” Crandall’s tone carried more anger than uncertainty.

“Me.” Mike dragged his tongue over Crandall’s bare shoulder. He grazed his fingers along Crandall’s side and then across his chest, brushing one cold nipple before covering it with his warm palm.

“That isn’t what you want.”

“I wouldn’t… I mean, okay, I get why you’re asking.”

“I’m not asking. I know you. I know what you’ve said before.” He shrugged again, and twisted away from Mike’s hand, but Mike didn’t remove his arms or let him squirm away.

“I get it,” Mike said softly, just behind Crandall’s ear. “I’m not just saying this. I want to. Really. I’m just…” Mike audibly swallowed. He tightened his embrace and kissed Crandall’s neck where it met his shoulder. “Just…” He sighed. “Be gentle.” When Crandall gave no response, verbal or otherwise, Mike tried again. “Please, Crank, I want you.”

Crandall turned, pushing Mike away. Mike lay back, but he kept one hand on Crandall, caressing lightly. Hope and fear shined in his eyes.

“I never liked it when I first started experimenting..sexually.” Mike looked away, but Crandall’s gaze continued to bore into him. “I know it can be good,” he said. “I know you enjoy it. I’ve never wanted to open myself up to…” Mike shook his head. “It’s a very vulnerable position…”

Crandall scowled and studied the wall intently.

Mike’s fingers seemed to etch his words on Crandall’s skin. “I want to be that vulnerable with you. I want you to own me in every way. You already do, really, and this would…” He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. He tugged at Crandall’s hips, encouraging him closer. “I know you take every word at face value, so why are you questioning this? You do want this, right?”

Crandall melted down, letting Mike’s touch guide him until he was lying beside Mike. They faced each other, each lying on his side with legs crossed together and hands roving the other’s body. “I won’t hurt you,” Crandall said.

“I know.”

“Not just physical pain. That’s nothing compared to other ways to hurt someone.”

“I know,” Mike repeated. “I won’t put you in that position either.”

“I don’t get when you say something you don’t mean.”

Mike dragged Crandall close, and covered his mouth with a tender kiss. A minute later when they parted, Mike said, “This isn’t that. I do try not to do that around you.” He paused for one more lingering kiss. “I promise not to hold a grudge if you believe what I say.”



Crandall crawled over Mike, forcing him to lay back. “Yeah, fucknut, okay. As in, I agree.”

Mike grinned. “You agree to what?” He ran his hand down Crandall’s back to cup Crandall’s ass.

“I agree to take you at your word” – he kissed Mike quickly, chastely – “and I agree to fuck you senseless.”

For a moment, Mike bit his lower lip, but Crandall licked his mouth, encouraging him to release it and kiss him back. Lips sealed around dancing tongues. Hands roved and squeezed and caressed. Bodies slid together, muscles flexing and nerves lighting with erotic zings. Time slipped away as Mike and Crandall renewed their love and lust with touches and kisses and soft softs of approval and pleasure.

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