Taking His Time

22 Apr

Mike arched his neck, throwing his head back. “Crandall… wait…”

Crandall rocked his hips and made a disagreeable noise in the back of his throat.

“I need you,” Mike said.

Even as Mike objected, he clenched at Crandall’s ass, rocking into him as he bore down, crushing their groins together, forcing their cocks to slide along each other in the most delectable, distracting manner.

“Don’t make me ask again.” Mike tightened his grip, pressing Crandall down against him. He ceased his movements, gasping against Crandall’s neck.

“Okay?” Crandall asked. Mike always asked that way. Just one word. Not pressing, not assuming.

“I’m going to fucking come. Just give me a sec, man. Shit.” Mike continued to pant as he held Crandall still.


“A moment.”


Mike pressed his lips against Crandall’s neck and said, “You drive me crazy. I always want you so bad.”

“Ready?” Crandall lifted his head and stared down into Mike’s eyes.

“Wouldn’t want to come too soon.” Mike still wore a smile, but Crandall could feel his entire body tensing. He frowned and said, “Fuck, you’re way to fucking tense.”

Mike sighed. He let his hands drifted up the small of Crandall’s back, tracing his spine down to his tailbone.

“You’re going to do this,” Crandall said.

“I am.” Mike’s reply sounded much less sure than Crandall’s statement.

Crandall licked Mike’s lips, teasing him into a kiss. Once Mike relaxed a bit, he sat up. “Roll over.” When Mike hesitated, he added, “Don’t start doubting me. That’ll piss me the fuck off.”

Mike flipped to his stomach. He wrapped his arms around a pillow and rested on one cheek so he could watch Crandall. Crandall dug a slim plastic dildo out of the bedside drawer. Mike raised his eyebrows. “How many of those did you buy that day?”

Crandall grabbed the lube off the nightstand and then inched down the bed. He nudged Mike’s legs apart. Mike resisted at first, but when Crandall set the toy on the sheets, Mike made room for Crandall to kneel between his thighs. “Just the one when you went with me, but this one I bought from a website that had a shitload of stuff all geared towards gay men.”

Mike nodded, his gaze fixed on the rose colored, penis shaped toy. It was very realistic, from its flared heart-shaped head to the raised veins along its shaft. It wasn’t too big, but it had a slight curve near the end. Crandall had bored of it quickly – it didn’t compare to Mike’s cock – but it was less intimidating than some of the other items he’d purchased since. Good for Mike. He hoped.

“Here,” Crandall said as he set a small white remote beside Mike’s left elbow.

“What’s that?” Mike picked it up and pressed a button.

The dildo buzzed softly beside him. Crandall grinned, and when Mike’s immediate reaction of startled unease faded under what he probably thought was a neutral expression, Crandall leaned over him and pressed a kiss between his shoulder blades. When the dildo stopped vibrating, Crandall lifted his head and said, “You have control, but it is more fun when it’s turned on.”

He returned to Mike’s back, licking at his spine and dragging his teeth over the strong muscles that kept him drumming for hours during a gig or practice. Mike’s hard body turned him on so much more than Beryl’s soft curves, and Crandall wondered how he couldn’t know before he did. But he did know. His dad was a man’s man, and men didn’t acknowledge something so vile as getting rock hard at another man. Gay had never passed through Crandall’s mind, while women only did at their insistence.

His dad didn’t know better. He did what he could to raise his sons without a mother. Crandall shunned the memories, and returned his attention to Mike. He focused on driving the tension out of Mike’s body with long sweeping caresses and tender, teasing swipes from tongue and lips. He murmured softly against Mike’s skin, and slowly – very slowly – eased his body over Mike’s, sliding his hard prick against his ass, and then, easing it between Mike’s cheeks, not seeking penetration, just presence, just the press of those strong, clenching muscles, content to stay there, kissing and touching, until Mike once again relaxed beneath him.


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Posted by on April 22, 2012 in Crandall, Identity, Yum! (NSFW)


One response to “Taking His Time

  1. Alanna Coca (@AlannaCoca)

    April 22, 2012 at 8:51 pm

    Dammnnn. So hot.

    You’re killing me. And Mike too…THINK OF MIKE!!


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