06 May

Despite his best efforts to remain ready for anything, Mike relaxed and then slowly let worrying thoughts evaporate under the deluge of physical pleasure. He’d moved both hands under a pillow, hugging it beneath his cheek. Surrendering to Crandall’s soft whispering caresses, Mike forgot everything but Crandall.

A small part of him noticed Crandall’s silence, and missed his musical cries and moans, but the rest of him felt Crandall’s enjoyment in his every touch, and every kiss. Mike wanted to pick up the pace as much as he wanted to keep things tender and slow. A low moan slipped from his throat, stealing his breath. He arched into Crandall’s weight as he inhaled, filling his lungs with Crandall’s scent.

“God, this is nice,” Mike whispered into the pillow. He raised his hips, just barely, but still a small signal. He’d finally noticed that Crandall’s hard prick was nestled between his ass cheeks, and it felt nice there. He expected to clench up when Crandall moved anywhere close to his ass – and he knew he probably still would – but so far, he could only smile and ride the wave of Crandall taking control.

Crandall slid down Mike’s body, trailing warm kisses along his spine. His prick, too, eased lower, and then his precum dampened head nudged Mike’s entrance. Mike sucked in a breath, but Crandall’s teasing kisses continued. He braced his weight on his forearms on either side of Mike’s torso, while his kisses branched out over Mike’s right shoulder blade. Mike bit his lower lip and exhaled sharply through his nose, fighting back his nervousness. Crandall’s cock nosed against Mike gently, the precum tickling Mike’s skin.

“Crandall,” Mike said softly, shortly.

Crandall answered with a shallow buck, not pressing in, but an odd caress, as if to say I’m here, and you’re going to ask for it if I have to wait all night. Yes, that was Crandall’s style, but it wasn’t Mike’s. They both knew that.

Crandall spent several minutes there – kissing and nudging, teasing without insisting – and then, without Mike realizing he moved, Crandall squeezed a hand between them and brushed a lube-chilled finger across Mike’s hole. Mike flinched, but when Crandall didn’t do more than a light, teasing touch, Mike immediately relaxed again. He wanted this – he did – he just had to convince his reflexes that he did.

Like a lazy summer breeze, Crandall’s single-finger caress brushed lightly over Mike’s tight ring of muscle. He didn’t demand entrance, or even hint at what was to come, but simply rubbed, lightly at first, and then, ever so slowly, he added pressure. He circled Mike’s hole while he continued to lick and kiss Mike’s flesh, occasionally nipping along his side ribs, making Mike jump from the ticklish sensation.

“Crandall?” Mike wanted more. He lifted his hips. He tried to push back, but Crandall moved with him, retaining every ounce of control without making Mike feel trapped or forced into position.

“What do you need?” Crandall asked.

Mike heard the snap of the flip-top on the lube bottle and bit back his words. To speak his desires required more concentration than he had, and the will left with his nerves returning on high. But Crandall only added more lube, circling, painfully slow.

“Crandall…” Mike pressed his face into the pillow. His body demanded more. Something. Anything. Damn him, Crandall knew how to get exactly what he wanted. Mike lifted his head so his whisper wouldn’t be muffled by the pillow. “Please… I want…”

“I know,” Crandall said, but it didn’t come out with his usual shortness. Instead, it promised relief – from waiting, from telling, from the uncertainty that plagued Mike even as Crandall’s deliberately slow and attentive ministrations hid doubt in its fog of pleasure.

After the next soft snick of the bottle opening and closing, Mike was ready for more. He smiled, realizing his body didn’t tense in anticipation of Crandall’s finger. But it wasn’t his finger that returned to rub against Mike’s entrance. The cold, wet bump made Mike gasp, sucking in a startled breath.

Crandall leaned over him, capturing his mouth as Mike tried to look back over his shoulder. When the kiss ended, Crandall said, “Turn it on.” He dragged the tip of the dildo up Mike’s crease, and then reversed directions, pressing lightly when he returned to his hole.

Mike hesitated, his gaze falling on the small plastic remote. It had and on/off switch, and a slide switch. Mike reached for the power button, but paused without touching it. Crandall covered his hand with his own and lowered Mike’s finger to the slide. He pressed the on button and then moved Mike’s hand to ease the slide a third of the way down. The toy leapt to life, and Mike twitch at the sudden vibration against his ass. It wasn’t much. It tickled a little, but it also…

“How does that feel?” Crandall asked, his voice purring in Mike’s ear. Mike tipped his head, trying to get Crandall’s mouth on his neck. Crandall nudged Mike’s hole with the toy, gently, teasingly, and almost too slowly.

“I…I’m not sure,” Mike said.


“Uh-huh…” Mike told himself he agreed to more of Crandall’s tongue torturing that sensitive spot just behind his earlobe, but when the vibrating tip of his dildo pressed more firmly against his hole it only took him a few panted breaths to slide his knees further apart and lift his hips off the bed, surrendering to Crandall’s toy.

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Posted by on May 6, 2012 in M/M, Mike, Yum! (NSFW)


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  1. Olivia Brynn

    May 6, 2012 at 10:21 pm

    Slide allll the waaaayyyyy baby!!

    Good on ya, Mike!


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