Coming Undone

13 May

Crandall knew when he won Mike over. With a slight shift, he angled the vibrator and then Mike bucked, an uninhibited cry escaping as his carefully controlled façade cracked. Crandall wrapped his free arm around Mike’s chest, and slowly thrust the vibrator again, gliding over the bundle of nerves that made sex so damn good.

“Oh…” Mike keened. He threw his head back, bumping it against Crandall’s chin. He pushed his hips back.

Crandall held on, thrilled at how his usually quiet, stoic lover moaned and writhed beneath him. He rubbed his cock against Mike’s right hip. Mike’s responsiveness had him so hard it was painful. He wanted to come, but he knew he couldn’t rush. This had to be on Mike’s terms.

The toy stopped vibrating, and Mike twisted his head back. Crandall met his mouth, seeking his tongue. “Turn it on,” Crandall said against Mike’s lips.

“No, you.”

Crandall reached for the control, but Mike shoved it away. “I want you,” Mike said, his voice husky and breathless. “You’re bruising my hip when you could be…” He sucked in a deep breath, and then said, “Fuck me already, Crank, before I come without you.”

Crandall sat back on his knees and tossed the vibrator on the floor. Mike handed him a condom, and then drew his knees under his hips. Once Crandall had the rubber over his prick, Mike lowered his weight onto his elbows and rested his forehead on his wrists.

The lube bottle bounced off the mattress and fell between the bed and the end table, but Crandall rarely needed extra himself, so the last dollop, cold through the latex should be plenty.

“I’m ready,” Mike said, as if he read Crandall’s mind. “God, baby, I want to feel you. Now.”

Crandall wasted no time admiring the view. He lined his cock up against Mike’s slicked puckered hole and pressed slowly. He kept one hand on his prick, and the other on Mike’s hip. It took several seconds, but then as if Mike suddenly relented, Crandall’s head popped through the resistance. Crandall tensed, fighting the need to thrust farther, harder. He focused on the sound of Mike’s breathing, deep and strenuous. A light sheen of sweat glistened along Mike’s shoulders and spine. Crandall moved his hand from his cock to Mike’s back, caressing and comforting, and then around to Mike’s cock. Mike was barely at half-mast, but when Crandall brushed his fingers along his length, and then toyed with his balls, Mike relaxed and his prick answered eagerly. As Crandall stroked Mike back to hardness, Crandall eased forward, sliding deeper.

Once his balls pressed snuggly against Mike’s ass, Crandall moved his hand from Mike’s hip around his waist. He leaned over him, pressing his chest to Mike’s back, and his lips to Mike’s shoulder. “Fucking hell…”

Mike took a deep breath. “Okay?”

Crandall chuckled. “Yeah. You?”

Mike nodded.

Crandall brushed his lips over Mike’s nape. “Ready?”

Mike answered by pushing back against Crandall. Crandall moaned and squeezed him close before slowly withdrawing and, just as slowly, sliding back in. Mike shuddered. When Crandall didn’t move immediately, Mike whispered, “Again.”

Crandall thrusted faster. He clutched at Mike’s hips, and drove into impossibly tight warmth. Mike rocked back, his normally quiet gasping breaths loud and raspy, verging on cries. Good enough, Crandall thought. He reached around to stroke Mike, but found his hand there, already setting a quick pace. Crandall met his rhythm, driving deeper. Whenever Mike pushed back, Crandall thrusted harder until the sound of flesh slapping together was drowned out by Mike’s shout. “Oh shit! Yeah!”

It took Crandall several more quick thrusts before he came, echoing Mike’s cries with his own vocal orgasm. Then they both collapsed together, sweaty and sticky and panting for breath, exhausted but bonelessly euphoric.


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Posted by on May 13, 2012 in Love & Lust, Yum! (NSFW)


One response to “Coming Undone

  1. Olivia Brynn

    May 13, 2012 at 9:23 pm

    Sigh. Worth the wait.


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