Content and Insatiable

20 May

Mike floated somewhere between afterglow and dozing. Crandall’s weight shifted over him, still holding him down, but not so much that breathing was an issue. Crandall still embraced him, his arms wrapped around Mike’s chest. Mike threaded their fingers together, squeezing Crandall’s hand. He sighed and eased his hips to one side, peeling himself out of the puddle of cum under his stomach.

“What?” Crandall groused in his ear sleepily, and without his usual crankiness.

“Wet spot.”

Crandall chuckled. “Good.”

Mike couldn’t help his smile. “Good? You punishing me?”

“I always end up stuck to the sheets.”

They fell into comfortable silence again. Crandall moved the hand Mike held. He kept Mike’s fingers twined with his own, but grazed his fingertips over Mike’s chest. He lifted his head and dropped light, lazy kisses along Mike’s shoulder. With his mouth brushing Mike’s skin, Crandall said, “You should finish this tattoo.”

“Soon.” He’d been adding to it for years, and it was nearly done. He had been planning to add more to it before the vampire bit Crandall, and ever since it felt like life was on fast forward. Or fading in or out of the best porno ever.

“What?” Crandall asked to Mike’s soft laugh.

“Just thinking.”

“Yeah, that’s fucking funny.”

Mike snorted and rolled with an elbow out, shoving Crandall off of him. “Is it?”

“Yeah, it is.” Crandall moved with the roll, but then rose over Mike, pinning him down with his hands on Mike’s shoulders. “Hilarious.”

Mike’s gaze drooped and fixed on Crandall’s lips. Only Crandall could make him crave contact after sex. Only Crandall could convince him to get it up again once their rapid breathing returned to something almost normal. Only Crandall made him a cuddler.

“Focus, Mike,” Crandall said. Mike’s gaze snapped up, and Crandall shook his head. “Nympho.”

Mike wrapped his arms around Crandall’s waist and pulled him down so his weight rested along Mike’s length. “Just for you.” He sighed, content beyond dreams. If only these moments could last forever. “I get why you like to be squished into the mattress now.”

“That’s just your OCD about me screaming. Stuff a pillow in my mouth and–”

“No, I meant… wait a second, I like when you make noise.” He did too. Just thinking about Crandall singing, as Mike liked to call it, made him hard.

“Me too, for you.”

Mike dropped his gaze to Crandall’s mouth again. “I know.” He tried. Heck, it’d been hard to not scream it out when Crandall hit his prostate with that ruthless fucking.

“Did you like it?”

With a frown, Mike looked into Crandall’s eyes again. “Yeah,” he said. It wasn’t like Crandall to need a confidence boost.

“Would you do it again?”

Crandall’s expression revealed nothing, as if the answer didn’t mean anything one way or another. “Sure,” Mike said, “If you want.”

“If I don’t want?”

“Didn’t like it?”

“I didn’t hate it.”

Mike lifted his head and shoulders to steal a kiss. Crandall started to pull away, but Mike held him, insisting, until Crandall opened his mouth and twisted their tongues together. When they broke, panting slightly, Mike said, “But?”

“But I don’t like having to be in control. It’s too much work.”

Mike laughed. “Okay, I get that, man. But, you are in control when you bottom. Harder. Faster. You’re very demanding.”

“Are you bitching?”

Tightening his embrace, Mike nuzzled Crandall’s neck before answering. “Hell no, Crank. I love when you tell me what to do. It’s like a challenge, and I want to win.”

“Yeah, work.”

Mike snorted. “You got off didn’t you?”

Crandall nodded. “Your ass is still better than a girl’s twat.”

With a roll of his eyes, Mike said, “Thanks, I think.”

“It was a compliment.” Crandall huffed and settled down beside Mike with an arm and leg thrown over him. “I liked it well enough, but I like you fucking me better.”

“Deal,” Mike said.

Crandall lifted his head and looked at Mike with a frown. “What is?”

“I’ll fuck you whenever you want.”

Crandall’s frown changed to a predatorial smile. “How about right now?”

“Insatiable. Should I worry that I don’t seem to satisfy you?”

“Hell fucking no,” Crandall said. He crawled over Mike, straddling his hips and pressing hungry kisses over his chest. “I can’t get enough because you’re that fucking good. Shit, Mike, I sure as fuck don’t fake it.”

Mike chuckled and then moaned as Crandall’s mouth closed over his right nipple. When he could speak again, he whispered, “I knew that.”


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