A Friend in Need

10 Jun

“Shut up,” Crandall whispered through a kiss to Mike’s neck.

Mike almost did. Crandall’s mouth was heavenly. The man was the epitome of naughty. His kisses sinfully good, his touch knowing, his cock already swelling again against Mike’s hip, and yet he never looked at other men (or women, at that) and he never questioned their monogamy. At one point, Mike thought to bring it up – that he didn’t want to share Crandall with anyone – but given how much “work” Crandall felt Beryl had been, Mike figured Crandall would be the last person on the planet to sleep around. Besides, the man was insatiable. He couldn’t possibly be pulling off these marathon sessions if he had someone on the side.

Crandall pushed up on his hands, and stared at Mike. “Earth to Mike,” he said.

Mike distracted himself a moment longer, touching Crandall, caressing his lust-warmed skin. Then he nodded once and looked up into his eyes. “My first boyfriend – my only serious boyfriend – was kicked out of his house when he came out to his parents. He thought they’d be supportive and  accepting, but they disowned him. Threw him out on the streets with just the clothes he was wearing. Didn’t even let him take a jacket.”

Crandall watched Mike, but said nothing. So Mike plunged on. “I know I’m not going to get thrown out, and well, I haven’t been close to my parents since then because they let him stay that night, but when they found out why he got kicked out they sent him on his way. They actually said they didn’t want him to corrupt me.” Mike laughed, but there was no amusement to it. “I almost told them right then, but I’d already decided I would sneak Jamie clothes and food late at night. After that, I was too chicken to tell them, even after I moved out.”

“You disowned them,” Crandall said.

Mike shrugged one shoulder. “Not really. I guess. Sort of.”

They remained silent after that. Crandall lowered his body to cover Mike’s and Mike wrapped his arms around Crandall tightly. After several minutes, Mike said, “I know there will be people who act like that, but I also know our friends will be mostly ok, but I still… I can’t.”

“Ash and Dragon don’t care, and Beryl says she doesn’t. Jon know?”

“Beryl knows?” Mike tensed and sat up before he realized he was dislodging Crandall.

Crandall rolled onto his side and tucked one arm under his head. “She knows I’m fucking a guy, but she doesn’t know who.”

“She’ll figure it out.”

“And then what? She has nothing. We share an apartment. We have separate bedrooms. Besides her, I’ve only told Ash and Dragon. Just like you.”

“If she comes right out and asks, what would you tell her?”

“To fuck off.”

Mike laughed, but his smile fell quickly. “Yeah, I should’ve known that.”

“No shit.”

Mike swung his legs over the edge of the bed. “I’m going to grab a drink.”

Mike stepped into a pair of flannel sleep pants and headed down the hall. A phone rang. Crandall ignored it. It wasn’t his ringtone, and even if it was his phone, he probably wouldn’t bother to get out of bed for most people who had his number.

When Mike’s phone fell silent, Crandall’s started ringing. He grumbled and rolled to the edge of the bed. He stretched for a pair of pants on the floor. He nearly fell out of bed before catching the cuff of one leg and dragging them closer. He dug the phone out of a pocket and, rolling back onto the pillow, hit Accept and raised it to his ear.

“You wanted to interrupt something, didn’t you?” he said.

Someone said something, but he didn’t catch much of it. There was a lot of noise in the background.

“What the fuck, Ash?”

Ash said, “I’m sorry to bother you. Is Mike there?”

“Mike has his own phone.”

“He’s not answering it. Please, Crandall, my apartment building is burning down. I called Dragon but his wife’s family is visiting. I can’t go there until Tuesday.”

“Shit.” Crandall sat up. “Are you okay?”

“I’m… here. Alive. Shaken. Do you know where Mike is?”

“Fuck that.” He pinned the phone between his ear and his shoulder so he could pull on a pair of corduroys. “Mike knows where you live, right?”

“Yeah, but–”

“But nothing. We’ll be there as soon as we can.”

Crandall shoved the phone into his pocket, and then stepped into his sneakers. He pulled a clean shirt out of a drawer and then headed for the door. He met Mike halfway down the hall.

“Get dressed,” he said. “Ash needs a hand.”

“I’m exhausted. Tell him to abandon the vamps for one night.”

Crandall took the water glass from Mike. “He’s place is on fire. He’s going to crash here.”

“Oh, shit.”

“Yeah,” Crandall said. “Get dressed.”

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