The Joy of Giving

20 Jan

Mike moved down Crandall’s body, his hands slowly tracing a path along his torso to the hem of his t-shirt. Just as slowly he pushed the shirt up, revealing pale flesh. Crandall squirmed under the firm touch, pushing himself up higher on the bed with his heels. “Lower,” he said.

With a soft chuckle, Mike glanced up and smiled. “I’m getting there,” he said.

His gaze fell to his work again, as he lowered his mouth to Crandall’s body. With unhurried kisses he tasted Crandall stomach. He tongued Crandall’s belly button. He pushed rough fingers over Crandall’s chest, teasing his nipples. With slow, steady deliberation, he drew Crandall into a frenzy of need, reveling in the not-so-soft sounds of his panting, moaning, and gasping as he writhed under Mike’s hands and mouth.

“Mike, fuck, please.” Crandall grabbed handfuls of Mike’s long hair and pushed his head lower. Mike’s chin brushed Crandall’s cock as it strained against his pants, already leaving a damp spot on the flannel checked material.

When Mike did no more than rub his cheek across Crandall’s hard cock, Crandall made a growling sound of disgust deep in his throat and released Mike’s hair to shove his pants down his hips. “Now,” he said.

Mike lifted his head to admire the view. Crandall lay beneath him, his pants around his knees and his shirt bunched up under his armpits. Smooth, pale skin freckled here and there enticed him to spend the night mouthing every inch of Crandall. He knew Crandall would never stand for that, and if he wasn’t already drunk on lust in that moment, he might’ve admitted the same for himself. His desire for Crandall surpassed everything in his life present and past. Even the music seemed to fade when he was alone with Crandall.

“What the fuck?” Crandall said, but without his usual snark. He touched Mike’s lips, tracing them with two fingers before saying, “Get out of your fucking head, Mike. Stop dwelling on shit.”

Crandall lifted head and shoulders off the bed to reach Mike’s mouth. The kiss was demanding but loving, rough but tender, sensual and hungry all at the same time. Mike’s mind melted. He’d barely been holding thoughts of enjoying how sexy Crandall looked only halfway to debauched, but with that kiss, instinct kicked in and desire took over. He moved into the kiss, pressing Crandall back down on the bed and grinding their hips, their cocks together for sweet, sweet friction. Deep moans filled his ears, and if he cared to think about it, they could’ve been his, or they could’ve been Crandall’s. It didn’t matter. As bodies writhed, voices could never hold back the pleasure racing over skin, nerves afire, and blood rushing through veins.

Licking, nipping, and kissing his way down Crandall’s body, Mike eased backward, using his knee to nudge Crandall’s thighs apart. Once he settled between Crandall’s legs, he didn’t hesitate. With the flat of his tongue, he circled the flared head of Crandall’s cock once, and then sucked it between his lips.

“Oh hell yeah,” Crandall moaned. He grabbed Mike’s head, twisting his fingers in Mike’s hair until it hurt, but Mike groaned, his throat vibrating against Crandall’s cock, encouraging more of the noise he loved. Sing, Crank, he thought, and increased suction, pulling back slowly until Crandall thrust, shoving his cock into Mike’s throat again. Mike moved his hands beneath Crandall’s ass, squeezing and groping.  Crandall took control, and Mike happily allowed it. He ran his fingers along Crandall’s crease, teasing his hole, making Crandall buck and thrust harder.

Crandall whimpered out a series of staccato cries, his grip tightening in Mike’s hair as he hit the edge of his orgasm. Mike swallowed around Crandall’s cock, pushing him deeper into the ecstasy about to erupt. He knew Crandall well, and the moment before Crandall exploded, Mike pulled back until just the head of Crandall’s cock rested on Mike’s tongue. Streams of hot spunk filled his mouth. Mike hummed in satisfaction, but it wasn’t as loud as Crandall’s singing, his cries of orgasm music to Mike’s ears.


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