04 Aug

Mike couldn’t stand still long enough to wait for the elevator. He leapt up the stairs, two at a time, nearly tripping up a few in his haste. He hurried down the hallway, barely keeping below a flat out run, and only because one of his neighbors was walking slowly down the hall in his direction.

“Good evening, Mrs. Cooper,” Mike said as they passed.

“Slow down, Mr. Vranken. Enjoy life.” She smiled and continued on toward the elevator.

“I plan to.” Mike grinned and hurried to his door.

He threw the door to the apartment open and called out for Crandall. “You home?”

“You alone?”

Bedroom. Mike headed that direction. “Are you?”

“What’s with the stupid questions?” Mike didn’t answer. He forgot the question as soon as Crandall stepped out of the bedroom and into his line of sight. His worn cordoroys hung low on his hips, revealing the point of hip bones and the faint line of ginger hair trailing down below his belly button. And that was all he wore. His chest and feet bare, Crandall was a sight to see. Mike paused to take it all in. Since being bitten and embracing his hunting nature, Crandall’s muscles had filled out noticeably. His shoulders were a little broader, with round muscles capping them. His arms revealed cuts and shadows of biceps, and his chest, while still pale and spattered with occasional freckles, sported the beginnings of pecs he’d never had before.

Crandall had always been sexy, but recent changes from twink to lean and athletic made him even more desirable. Mike never had much of a type. Dark rooms, secret liaisons, and nothing even close to a relationship had been his release before Crank; Mike hadn’t allowed himself to be picky. Now, looking at Crandall standing there waiting for him, he knew no one else would ever measure up.

“It’s hard to think with all the blood draining out of my brain.” Mike kicked his feet into gear. In four quick steps, he stood toe to toe with Crandall, staring into those sharp eyes momentarily, before letting his gaze drift down over Crandall’s collar bone. He licked his lips.

Crandall grabbed Mike’s t-shirt and yanked him forward. They collided, chests pressed together. Crandall covered Mike’s mouth, shoving his tongue between Mike’s lips. Mike opened for him, eagerly tasting Crandall, his hunger driving any remaining thoughts from his mind.

When Crandall pulled away, panting for breath, Mike rested his hands at Crandall’s waist, studying his face for signs of anxiety. Instead of a panic attack, Mike recognized the lust burning in Crandall’s gaze. Mike slid one foot between Crandall’s, pressing his cock to Crandall’s. They were both hard – very hard, and ready to go – and for a moment, Mike felt nothing but their cocks lining up, rubbing against each other. Mike grabbed Crandall’s ass, pulling him closer. He dropped his forehead to Crandall’s bare shoulder. His breathing already felt out of control, and had they been rutting against each other with bare skin, he would’ve probably blown already. Crandall had a way of making Mike feel like a teenager again. No control. Just sweet surrender.

Through the fog of intense sensations, Mike registered Crandall tugging at his shirt. He lifted his head and raised his arms so Crandall could pull it over his head. Before the shirt hit the floor, Mike had Crandall close again, peppering his neck with open-mouthed kisses, and moaning against his skin as Crandall shoved his hands down the back of Mike’s pants.

Crandall threw his head back, gasping as he bucked against Mike. “Fuck, I need…”

Mike hummed against Crandall’s neck. He slipped his hand under Crandall’s waistband, teasing his crack with one finger. Crandall shoved his ass back into Mike’s hand, but then quickly thrust forward, rubbing their cocks together again.

“More…” Crandall fumbled for his fly. Mike covered his throat with kisses and nips, a mix of light pain and intimate pleasure as Crandall shoved his pants to the floor and then grabbed at Mike’s. “Off,” he said between harsh, needy gasp. “Fuck, Mike, now.”

Crandall shoved Mike’s pants and jock down his thighs, and then grabbed his ass, pulling their bare, hard cocks together. Mike whimpered, kissing forgotten, as he let Crandall lead, pinning their cocks between their bodies.

Mike left one arm curved around Crandall’s neck, as he eased just far enough away to swipe a palm over the heads of their cocks, trailing the precum down their shafts as he curled his fingers around them both.

“Shit, yeah.” Crandall bucked into his touch. “Do it.”

Mike pressed his forehead to Crandall’s watching his hand on their cocks — glistening heads poking through his grip as they both thrust against each other and into his fist.

Crandall’s rhythm faltered. He grabbed a handful of Mike’s hair and pulled him into a rough kiss. He bit Mike’s lip, and then kissed his way along Mike’s jaw, dragging his teeth along the spot he knew would push Mike over the edge.

Mike moaned, senses on fire. His balls drew up tight, and he knew he couldn’t hold back. “Come for me,” he whispered. He licked Crandall’s ear, tracing the ridge until Crandall groaned out loud, cursing. “Come with me, Crank. Gonna come.”

Crandall’s moans were louder than Mike’s words. Mike loved the sounds Crandall made just before he came.

“Don’t stop,” Crandall gasped.

“Hell no.” Mike tongued Crandall’s ear again, and then tipped his head back as Crandall pulled his hair.

“Talk.” Crandall didn’t seem to be looking at him as much as through him. His eyes rolled up to the ceiling. “Fuck, Mike, let me hear you.”

Mike was panting. So close. Very close. “Almost,” he whispered. He tried to think of something dirty to say. He knew what Crandall wanted, but it was so fucking hard. “Almost there.” He gasped. Crandall moaned. “Gah…”

Crandall crooned out a long, low cry, and then dug his fingers into Mike’s shoulder. With one more cry, he came, cum spurting out, drizzling over Mike’s hand and splattering their stomachs.

“Oh, God, that’s sexy,” Mike said. He thrust a few more times, stroking as Crandall’s orgasm drizzled to an end, and then he, too came between them.

They leaned against each other, panting, and holding each other up. “Damn,” Mike whispered.

“I’m not done with you yet.” Crandall slumped against Mike, obviously not yet ready to move despite his words.

“Mm.” Mike kissed Crandall’s neck, and slowly released their cocks. “Can we make it to the bedroom first?”

Crandall nodded, and then stumbled backwards. Mike caught him. Crandall kicked off his pants and then turned toward the bedroom. With a nonchalant shrug, Mike wiggled the rest of the way out of his jogging pants and left them in the hall with the rest of the clothing. He had much better things to think about than a pile of laundry abandoned in an unusual spot.

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