18 Aug

As they reached the bed, Crandall turned and dropped to his knees. Mike knew it was coming, but Crandall’s mouth on his cock was still a shock – a pleasant, amazing, mind-melting shock. Mike gripped Crandall’s shoulders, and let his chin fall to his chest as his mouth dropped open in a low moan. He couldn’t tear his gaze from the sight of Crandall’s lips closing around his cock. “Damn, Crank, that mouth is made for sucking cock.”

It didn’t take long. Crandall knew all of Mike’s triggers. His long fingers curled around Mike’s balls, pulling and squeezing as he sucked Mike’s flaccid cock to renewed interest. It grew, swelling to fill Crandall’s mouth; all the while, Mike watched, completely enthralled by his dick disappearing into that mouth he’d daydreamed about so many times. Crandall sucked just like in those dreams. No, better. Mike rocked his hips, sliding along that warm, wet, firm tongue, pushing and pulling through the snug suction as Crandall worked him into a rock hard state.

“Crank, damn, if you keep that up, I won’t last to bend you over the bed.”

In the next moment, Crandall released Mike’s cock and stood. He still cupped Mike’s balls in one hand, while he wrapped an arm around Mike’s neck with the other, pulling him into a hungry, demanding kiss tinged with the salty flavor of pre-cum. When he broke the connection Crandall said, “You’re not done until you fuck me hard and fast.”

“Oh yeah,” Mike said on a breathy exhale. “I intend to.” He kissed Crandall again, pushing closer until Crandall stumbled back against the bed. They stayed there, entwined in that kiss, hands roaming, eagerly groping, and then, a minute later, Crandall’s knees gave out and he dropped to bed, pulling Mike with him.

Kisses, touches, thrusts, moans. Nothing else existed except Mike and Crandall, each lighting a fire in the other. Burning. Lust or love. Two complementing needs.

Crandall threw his head back, gasping for breath. Mike, undeterred, kissed his way down Crandall’s neck to lick across his collar bone. “Fuck, Mike, I need you now.” He sucked in a breath as Mike trailed his fingers along Crandall’s hip, brushing dangerously close to Crandall’s cock. Teasing and promising all in one brief touch.

Crandall whimpered as Mike lifted his head, his lips leaving Crandall’s flesh.

“God, you’re so sexy.” Mike’s gaze, hooded with heavy, half-closed lids, roamed over Crandall’s naked body sprawled beneath him. His pale skin glistened with heat and sweat, and his cock stood up proud and demanding. He stretched, grabbing the headboard to pull himself all the way onto the bed. When Crandall licked his lips, Mike dove in for another kiss, silencing Crandall before he could make another demand to be fucked.

When Crandall was breathing heavy again, thrusting his cock against Mike’s stomach, Mike sat up and reached for the lube and condom box on the nightstand. He tossed a condom to Crandall, who deftly rolled the latex over Mike’s cock. Mike froze, lube in hand unopened, and watched, enjoying the hurried rush of Crandall’s touch dressing his cock for the grand finale.

When he was done, Crandall kissed Mike’s stomach. Mike’s abs fluttered at the light touch. Crandall continued, leaving a trail of light nipping kisses down Mike’s side, and then along his hip, his cheek brushing Mike’s cock almost as if by accident. Mike knew better; Crandall knew how to drive him nuts. As Mike watched, enjoying the foreplay, Crandall plucked the lube from Mike’s hands and drizzled it over the head of his cock. With deft fingers, and without his mouth leaving Mike’s skin, Crandall spread the lube over Mike until Mike was thrusting into his hand, moaning and whispering unintelligible words.

“Let me hear you.” Crandall nipped at Mike’s hip. “I need to hear it.”

“Lie down.” Mike pushed Crandall back. “I’m going to fuck you until you beg me to come.”

“Better.” Crandall grinned.

Mike lifted Crandall’s legs. Crandall helped, pulling his knees back, not the least bit shy about showing Mike exactly what he wanted. Mike lined his cock up with that tight, puckered hole and pressed lightly.

“Fuck me.” Crandall kept his legs back, but reached for Mike with one hand.

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Must we have this argument every fucking night?”

Mike pushed. Crandall grimaced, but managed to get his hands on Mike’s arms, pulling him forward. “More.”


“I need you.”

Mike rarely bottomed. The few times he did, even preparing with fingers and lube, he’d been too tense to move quickly. It’d been excruciating, trying to relax around an invading cock. Crandall, on the other hand, seemed to be a natural bottom. He wanted Mike so bad, his hole, while always amazingly tight, accepted him quickly, and with little to no prep. Mike knew it hurt a little by watching Crandall’s expression, but it was usually short lived. By the time Mike was seated to the balls, Crandall was squirming, trying to get Mike to move, to thrust, to fuck him hard, to make him scream, to make him come.

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