22 Sep


“Yeah?” Mike pounded into Crandall. It didn’t matter what Crandall said when he said it around those cries and groans, with his head thrown back, exposing that neck Mike loved to nip and kiss.

“Gonna…” Crandall gasped and rocked into Mike’s thrusts. He hooked his ankles at the small of Mike’s back.

“Go on.”

“Fuck….” Crandall surged up, grabbing Mike’s bicep with one hand, while the other reached for his own cock. “I’m gonna come.”

“Not yet.” Mike slowed. He brushed Crandall’s hand away, stroking his cock once before squeezing firmly at the base. “Not yet.”



Don’t stop.” Crandall bucked up against Mike, doing his best to encourage Mike to pick up speed.

Mike bit his lip and bent over Crandall. He ran a palm up Crandall’s stomach. “Slow down, Crank. Not yet.”

“Fuck…” Crandall surrendered, his muscles relaxing all at once. “Damn it–”

“You demanded to be bent over the bed.”

Crandall grinned. He circled his hips, teasing Mike. “Yes, I did.”

“So, ready?”

With a laugh, Crandall pushed a foot against Mike’s hip. “Fucking right.”

Mike chuckled. He loved watching Crandall’s face as the fucked, but Crandall made the best noises when taken from behind. Mike pulled back slowly, but as soon as he was out, Crandall rolled over, dropping his feet to the floor and arching his back presenting his ass like a bitch in heat.

“Damn, Crank, that is so fucking sexy.” Mike caressed Crandall’s ass, first one cheek, then the other. “So hot.”

“Then do something about it.” Crandall grinned wickedly, his gaze glazed with heated lust. He bowed his back as Mike trailed his fingertips up his spine. With a low moan, Crandall turned his face away, lowering his head to a pillow.

Mike squeezed Crandall’s ass as he littered tiny kisses over the small of Crandall’s back. “So damn fine.” He rubbed Crandall’s hole with his thumbs while licking the line of Crandall’s spine. Crandall moaned and bucked up against Mike’s hands. “I could fuck you all night.”

“And yet, you stand there talking about it.”

“You know, I love how demanding you are.” Mike grinned and lined his cock up. This time he wasn’t gentle. Crandall was more than ready, and Mike had only stopped because Crandall had demanded to be bent over the bed an hour ago. He pressed the head of his cock into Crank. “So tight.”

Crandall pushed back, and this time Mike didn’t resist. He thrust into Crandall, seating himself to the balls. “Oh yeah, warm and tight and, shit, Crank, I love your ass.”

“Keep going.”

“Hmm?” Mike caressed Crandall’s ass a moment longer, and then wrapped one arm around Crandall’s waist as he leaned over to kiss his shoulder.

“I want to hear it.” Crandall pushed against Mike.

Mike pulled back just enough to thrust hard. Crandall cried out, just the way Mike loved to hear. “So tight.”


Mike slid out slowly and then, just as slow, pushed back in. “Amazing, Crank. So fucking good.”

Crandall answered with a groan, and then, “Harder.”

“I know.” Always harder. Always faster. Mike could keep up with Crandall’s demands. With pleasure. They were in tune one-hundred percent when it came to sex. Crandall demanded, Mike complied, and both were exhausted and satisfied when the night ended.

Just as he’d pictured the entire drive home, Mike pounded into Crandall bent over the bed and face pressed into his pillow. He didn’t need Crandall’s demand this time either. He wanted to talk, wanted to tell Crandall how much he enjoyed their time together. “So fucking tight. God, I love your ass.”


“I’ll never get tired of that.” Mike stared up at the ceiling without really seeing anything. A light sheen of sweet chilled his skin, but he was too worn to sit up and find a blanket. “I mean, I’dhad sex before, but with you, it’s always fucking amazing. I love how responsive you are.”

“What’s that fucking mean anyway?” Crandall rolled over, pressing the length of his body against Mike’s. His warmth was like fire, chasing away the chill and singeing Mike’s nerves. “I’ve read that line in a dozen books. I don’t get it.”

“Are you reading dirty books?” Mike lifted his head enough to turn and look at Crandall’s face.

“Hell yeah. They’re no Stephen King, but they’re fucking hot.”

“I see… so that’s why I got a booty call tonight.” Mike kissed Crandall’s temple. As Mike relaxed again, Crandall rested his head on Mike’s shoulder, closer than he would’ve ever allowed just a short while ago. Mike could attribute that to their relationship, but he wondered if some of it was the blood of the hunter awakened. No matter why, he didn’t care because it brought him closer to his crush, moving from distant lust to a real relationship – something Mike hadn’t expected in his closeted life.

“No, I wasn’t reading.” Crandall sighed. He snuggled closer. “This is nice,” he whispered softly, and then continued in a conversational tone. “I had a rough day and needed release.” One hand snaked away, under Mike’s pillow. Crandall lifted a dildo over Mike’s head. “It wasn’t enough. I needed you.”

Mike licked his lips, but said nothing. He tightened the arm around Crandall, pulling him into a tight embrace.

“I don’t say it because I hate stating the obvious, but maybe it’s not as obvious as I think. I love you Mike. I need you. You are so important to me. I can’t assume it’s obvious if I can’t even explain it. Even before the sex stuff, you were important to me. I should’ve said something before now, so you know.”

Crandall pressed a kiss to Mike’s shoulder, and then fell silent.

“I know,” Mike whispered. He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. Crandall’s tone had been matter-of-fact, but the words moved Mike. His chest ached to give Crandall everything he ever wanted and to keep him close forever. He swallowed the emotions and cleared his throat. “But I still need to hear it. Thank you, Crandall, for saying that. It’s…nice.” His voice came out steady. Mostly.

Nice?” Crandall laughed softly against Mike’s neck. “Okay, I get it. We have a fucking good thing going here. I would’ve preferred to skip the vampire shit, but otherwise, I’m happy. Very happy.”

“Me too.” Mike rolled onto his side, facing Crandall. “I can’t remember what I did before you. And I can’t think of anything better than a bad day needs fixing booty call.”

“Fuck yeah,” Crandall agreed. He sat up long enough to grab the sheets that had been kicked to the end of the bed and pull them over both of them. He pressed close to Mike again, wrapping one arm around his chest. “Thank you for coming home.”

Mike nodded and sighed contently.

“I realized after I called you were supposed to close.”

“Dragon heard. I should turn down the volume on my phone.”

Crandall laughed. Mike blushed, but after a moment, he chuckled too. Dragon has taken it in stride, and closing up shop wasn’t anything compared to the wild sex they’d just had. “It’s all good,” Mike said. “He volunteered to close after that. But…” He touched Crandall’s cheek, encouraging him to meet Mike’s gaze. “Don’t make a habit of it. Dragon will not be tolerant if you abuse his generosity.”

Crandall grinned. “Okay, I’ll use it sparingly. But it’s good to know that he understands you need to get laid more often.”

Mike rolled his eyes but grinned. “Yeah, maybe that’s it. Either way, it worked out well for me.”

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