Take the Edge Off

13 Jul

By the time Mike pulled his Mustang into his usual spot in the back of the parking lot, he was ready to risk anything and everything to get some relief from his painfully tight pants. At one point during the drive, Mike had begged Crandall to stop, to wait until they got home, and he’d cringed at the whine in his voice as he did. It hadn’t discouraged Crandall one bit, however, and Mike was as hard as he’d ever been behind the snug fit of leather and the heated promise of Crandall’s wet mouth on his cock the moment he stripped out of those painfully tight pants.

If, in that moment as Mike turned off the engine, Crandall had offered, Mike would’ve let Crandall suck him off right there in the dark parking lot. Luckily – or maybe unluckily – Crandall was out of the car by the time Mike pulled the key from the ignition. Mike took a moment to rub his cock, not looking forward to walking the length of the parking lot and up too many stairs. What came next, yes, he was definitely looking forward to that, but getting there, shit, Crandall would be the death of him. And he’d love every torturous sumptuous minute.

Mike followed Crandall in silence. From two steps behind, he admired Crandall’s ass as they walked to the building. From just behind Crandall in the elevator, Mike’s gaze drifted over the curve of Crandall’s neck and the short red hair sticking out in every direction, some by intention and some from the sweating and dancing on stage. Mike raised his hand, running his fingertips over the nape of Crandall’s neck. Crandall shivered but otherwise didn’t move. It was enough. That one shiver conveyed everything to Mike. Want and need. Love and Lust. Mike leaned forward, brushed his lips lightly against Crandall’s neck just above the line of his t-shirt. Crandall, in return, stepped back and pressed his ass against Mike’s crotch.

“More,” Crandall whispered.

“Soon.” Mike glanced up as the elevator dinged its warning that they’d reached their floor.

Crandall stepped forward just as the doors slid open. Mike followed again. Damn that hot ass.

Mike shut the bedroom door as he watched Crandall strip out of his t-shirt and kicked off his sneakers. Mike made quick work of the leather straps at his waist, unlacing the front of his pants. He loved those pants. They were comfortable to drum in, made him look great, and they were easy to get out of despite their form-fitting design. By the time he had his cock free, Crandall had shucked his pants and boxers and had his hands full of Mike’s shirt.

Crandall pulled the tank over Mike’s head and tossed it aside. He pressed his palms against Mike chest and his mouth to Mike’s. When he broke the kiss, Crandall trailed his lips and hands down Mike’s torso with agonizing slowness, touching and kissing and licking at so many places that Mike lost count in the haze of delicious sensations.

Leaning back against the door, Mike cupped the back of Crandall’s head. He brushed his fingers along the same spot he’d teased in the elevator as he encouraged Crandall’s mouth lower. Crandall didn’t need any suggestions. Mike was certain he was heading exactly where Mike needed him. Letting Mike guide him, Crandall sunk lower. His knees hit the floor and his lips wrapped around the head of Mike’s cock.

Sweet, warm heat. Agile tongue. Firm lips. “I love your mouth,” Mike said. Crandall teased just enough. He took a little more of Mike in and then sucked and pulled back. “Oh God, you do that so well.” Mike watched as Crandall’s mouth enveloped him again, taking in more of his cock before pulling back, dragging his tongue along the underside while letting his teeth graze lightly. Mike never thought he’d like that, but Crandall knew how to get it just right. A bit of a bite with the teeth and soothing with the tongue, and shit, Crandall had the stubborn will to master everything, now easily taking all of Mike’s length without gagging. Mike never would’ve thought his sexy roommate who never considered himself gay until the night they kissed would be not only be an expert at blowjobs, but so incredibly eager to give them too.

“If you keep that up…” Mike groaned as Crandall did something with his tongue that made Mike forget the English language. “Ah, uhn.” Mike grasped his fingers in Crandall’s hair and chuckled. Crandall knew what he was doing. He was probably making up for the car ride, and making sure he got a nice long fuck. Take the edge off. That’s what he would’ve said – if his mouth wasn’t full.

“God, Crank.” Mike wanted to both close his eyes and ride it out and keep them open to watch Crandall’s lips stretch over his cock, the corners of his mouth glistening with saliva and precum. So fucking hot. Mike tried to hold back. He wanted to live in that moment for eternity. Crandall had other ideas, however. He knew Mike’s every trigger, and with an agile tongue trick that Mike could never resist, Crandall sucked Mike’s orgasm to the surface. For a brief moment, Mike thought he might hold back, but the wave of ecstasy broke over him – broke him – and he cried out as he snapped his hips forward, shooting cum down Crank’s throat as fast as his lover could swallow.


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