Thinking, Overrated

31 Aug

Thoughts dissipated as Mike stopped in front of Crandall. He towered over Crandall, almost hovering, as if waiting for the panic attack that would hit so often when someone invaded Crandall’s personal space. It didn’t happen. Crandall couldn’t remember the last time it had. Not with Mike. Crandall’s breath quickened and his lungs swelled to keep up. He felt like there was little oxygen left in the room with Mike so close. So close. So naked. So hot and bothered for more.

Crandall couldn’t breathe, but it wasn’t anxiety; it was pure lust. A moment later what might’ve been hesitation became definitive decision. Mike leaned over Crandall, making Crandall arch back to tip his face up and meet Mike’s mouth with his own. Mike caught his face between his palms with a light touch – one Crandall could easily escape if he needed to – and deepened the kiss with a probing tongue.

With that kiss, Crandall suddenly needed that agile, exploring tongue on his balls. He pushed Mike back and scooted further onto the bed. He let his knees fall open as he lay back, watching Mike devour him with his gaze.

Mike didn’t need to be told. He put one hand on the bed beside Crandall’s ribcage and stretched forward to kiss him once more. Then, Mike moved to Crandall’s neck, teasing with light brushes of his lips and he eased his way down to Crandall’s shoulder, moving along his collarbone until Crandall gasped with both pleasure and frustration.

“Mike…” Crandall snarled at the whine in his voice. Mike owned him completely.

“Shh,” Mike whispered against the flesh between Crandall’s sensitive nipples.

“Don’t fucking shush me.” Crandall cut off additional words to voice a soft cry of encouragement as Mike’s lips closed on his right nipple. Mike flicked his tongue over the sensitive bud and then moved down Crandall’s sternum. Crandall pushed Mike’s head lower and Mike let him guide his mouth lower, pausing only to dip his tongue in Crandall’s belly button making him squirm.

“Do you want to cum?” Mike’s words ghosted over Crandall’s swollen cock. If he did that again, Crandall expected the question to become suddenly unnecessary.

Crandall didn’t answer with words. He lifted his hips, pushing his cock against Mike’s evil, teasing lips. He reached for Mike’s head again, but he didn’t need to. Mike opened his mouth and sucked Crandall’s head between his lips. Crandall moaned out a string of curses as his shaft slid over Mike’s warm, strong tongue. “Oh, goddamn, fuck yeah.”

He tried to hold back but Mike’s mouth felt too damn good. Warm and wet and so fucking damn good. Crandall’s moaning grew louder and shorter as Mike sucked him right to the edge of orgasm and then threw him over with a calculated twist of his tongue across his slit and around the sensitive flared head of his cock.

Crandall’s orgasm crashed down around him as he thrust up into Mike’s mouth. He swore. He called Mike’s name. He cried out without words. Shooting cum and seeing white starbursts behind his tightly closed eyes.

Moments, minutes, or maybe even months later, Crandall returned to his senses as if floating back into his body from a faraway distance. Mike had nestled himself between Crandall’s thighs, his weight a light comfort supported by Mike’s hands planted on either side of Crandall’s head. Crandall made a happy, satisfied humming sound in the back of his throat and Mike responded by rubbing his hard prick against the crease of Crandall’s left hip.

“Wear you out?” Mike asked. He lowered his head, his hair tickling Crandall’s face as Mike ran tongue and lips over Crandall’s neck and up to his ear, sucking in the lobe.

Crandall dug through the fog of an amazing orgasm to force his hands to Mike’s ass. He pulled him closer and bucked his hips up against his lover. His prick might be taking a breather, but Crandall still wanted to get fucked hard.

“Not yet,” Crandall said. He rolled his head to the side, giving Mike more access to his neck. Something that used to bore him made his cock refill in record speed when Mike did it. As Mike traced the hard cartilage of Crandall’s ear with his tongue, he moved one hand down Crandall’s body to wrap long fingers around his balls, rolling them together until Crandall was once again panting and squirming and doing his best not to demand Mike get on with it and fuck him hard and fast.

Mike moved his hand from Crandall’s balls to his hole, one finger exploring, pressing gently. “Ready for me?” Mike asked.

“Since before we got home.” Crandall squirmed. He didn’t like fingers as much as he liked Mike’s thick cock. “Mike…”

Mike ceased the objection with a kiss. He lowered more of his weight onto Crandall, dropping his weight onto one elbow so he could slide his forearm under Crandall, cradling his head, and pulling him deeper into the kiss. Crandall forgot his objection, his rush to fuck, and everything else in the world with that kiss. Thinking…overrated. He just wanted to be. With Mike. All night long.

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