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Crandall and Mike are best friends and there’s a story there. Several, actually. CRANK started as an experiment for an article on creation, nothing more. Now, CRANK lives on, well into the second book, and continues to be free, with new posts once to twice a month.

It started like this:

Crandall Jacobsen doesn’t believe in vampires. His life is singing for Inertia Stand, a band he loves even if he hates the name. His best friend and drummer appears to have the same lust for music but Mike also has a secret: He’s a vampire hunter. When a routine staking goes awry, and a vampire sinks her teeth into Crandall, Mike learns there is more to his best friend than he ever imagined.

That was the first story arc. From there, these two men have started their second story, exploring their deepening relationship while protecting each other from a community of Immortale. This blog is designed to be read even if you were not a part of that first year while that first story arc is being revised into novel format.

If you enjoy CRANK, please drop by my website for more information on published works.

Start reading CRANK here: Table of Contents

(Pia’s free fiction disclosure: This is a raw, unrevised freebie. It has not had the kind care of my superb editor, nor do I have as much time as I’d like to devote to polishing each chapter. Please understand that CRANK is designed to reward loyal fans, and give you something fun to read in between publications. Of which, I hope there will be many. Please forgive the occasional typo or errant comma in the name of fun free fiction.)

(Fair Warning: Contains explicitly yummy boy-on-boy content in the form of steamy sex, naughty daydreams, and more! Also contains the violent staking of vampires despite objections from the fang-fangirls.)


3 responses to “Start Here

  1. Kelly

    February 20, 2010 at 8:05 am

    Very creative and refreshing, 5 stars my friend! Can’t wait to read more!


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