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Crank sat back on his heels and wiped the back of his hand across his mouth. It still amazed him almost every single time he and Mike had sex. He didn’t care about his personal space. Not only that but he craved Mike’s presence. His presence, his sex, his scent, his taste, his voice, his everything. Crank leaned in and licked Mike’s half-deflated cock.

Mike flinched. “Whoa, man, give me a minute.” As Mike brushed his fingers down Crandall’s left cheek, Crandall leaned in to the tender touch. Crandall let his eyes drift shut and inhaled deeply through his nose. Mike’s smell filled him. A musky masculine scent with underlying threads of sweat and leather.

Crandall sighed softly. He licked his lips, savoring Mike’s lingering taste before rising up on his knees and turning his face up. He rested his chin on Mike’s stomach as he pressed his palms to Mike’s leather-clad thighs. Running his hands upward, he grinned at Mike’s sleepy post-orgasm expression.

“Only one minute,” Crandall said. “At the end of that sixty seconds, I expect you naked and hard and pounding me into that mattress.”

Mike’s eyes fluttered as he made a soft, deep sound that landed somewhere between a moan and a whimper. Yes, he had power over Mike in such simple words. He thrived on that power. Crandall rose to his feet, and as he did, dragged his hands up Mike’s legs, caressing thighs, hips, and torso. As he reached his full height, he pressed his entire body against Mike’s, pinning him to the wall.

“Naked,” he whispered again, lips brushing against Mike’s as he spoke. He wrapped his arms around Mike’s neck and then tugged at the elastic holding Mike’s hair at his nape. “Now.”

He kissed Mike, long and slow, and then pulled away, shedding his clothes as he moved to the bed. When Crandall turned around and dropped onto the mattress, Mike still hadn’t moved any more than was required to stroke his cock back to attention. Crandall watched Mike tugged his prick for several long, teasing seconds. It was unnerving the way he could become Mike’s entire focus.

Crandall blinked as if coming out of a dream. It was that way for both of them. Nothing else mattered when they were alone. Hell, it went beyond sex. Mike gave him the strength and desire to live more. To get out of his own head. Crandall had more friends because of Mike, and as much as he complained about them, he wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Watching Mike’s reaction, Crandall leaned back on his elbows and letting his knees fall open. Mike looked ready to come again. Standing alone. Watching. Cock hard, leaking precum. Crandall wanted every ounce of what Mike had to give. Pleasure all night long. Mike could do no wrong. He knew Crandall’s body better than Crandall did. It was disturbing relief to surrender. To realize Mike was the only true lover he’d had. Sure, he’d gotten off before. Even had great blow jobs before. But Crandall had never given all, or even most, of himself to anyone, while Mike didn’t have to ask or beg or demand. Crandall surrendered, and surrendered one-hundred percent, because it was Mike.

“Why the fuck do you still have your pants on?” Crandall pressed his tongue to the back of his teeth. Snark came too naturally. Mike’s penchant for drawing out the foreplay was something Crandall snapped about frequently but he had to admit, he loved every moment of it. He had a hot, sexy boyfriend who knew exactly what he was doing. Including letting Crandall think he was in control. Mike had been all along.

Crandall exhaled sharply and struggled to draw in his next breath. The thoughts running through his head were dangerous. He didn’t want to explore them further but they remained, dancing around the physical sensations and visual distraction. Mind at war, Crandall fought to focus on Mike as he moved to action.

Without taking his gaze off of Crandall, Mike kicked off his boots and shimmied out of his pants. As he crossed the room, he pulled his shirt over his head. That single-minded focus stole Crandall’s breath. It felt like the beginnings of a panic attack, and yet, it was so different. His breathing, shallow and ragged. His focus, tunneled until only Mike existed in the world. His nerves, prickles and shivers danced across his skin. Sweet anticipation. Something he knew with no other lover. Intense need. Not just lust. Not just aching balls. Need. Sweet and dangerous. Uncontrollable and necessary. So very necessary. To his very existence. Mike.


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Take the Edge Off

By the time Mike pulled his Mustang into his usual spot in the back of the parking lot, he was ready to risk anything and everything to get some relief from his painfully tight pants. At one point during the drive, Mike had begged Crandall to stop, to wait until they got home, and he’d cringed at the whine in his voice as he did. It hadn’t discouraged Crandall one bit, however, and Mike was as hard as he’d ever been behind the snug fit of leather and the heated promise of Crandall’s wet mouth on his cock the moment he stripped out of those painfully tight pants.

If, in that moment as Mike turned off the engine, Crandall had offered, Mike would’ve let Crandall suck him off right there in the dark parking lot. Luckily – or maybe unluckily – Crandall was out of the car by the time Mike pulled the key from the ignition. Mike took a moment to rub his cock, not looking forward to walking the length of the parking lot and up too many stairs. What came next, yes, he was definitely looking forward to that, but getting there, shit, Crandall would be the death of him. And he’d love every torturous sumptuous minute.

Mike followed Crandall in silence. From two steps behind, he admired Crandall’s ass as they walked to the building. From just behind Crandall in the elevator, Mike’s gaze drifted over the curve of Crandall’s neck and the short red hair sticking out in every direction, some by intention and some from the sweating and dancing on stage. Mike raised his hand, running his fingertips over the nape of Crandall’s neck. Crandall shivered but otherwise didn’t move. It was enough. That one shiver conveyed everything to Mike. Want and need. Love and Lust. Mike leaned forward, brushed his lips lightly against Crandall’s neck just above the line of his t-shirt. Crandall, in return, stepped back and pressed his ass against Mike’s crotch.

“More,” Crandall whispered.

“Soon.” Mike glanced up as the elevator dinged its warning that they’d reached their floor.

Crandall stepped forward just as the doors slid open. Mike followed again. Damn that hot ass.

Mike shut the bedroom door as he watched Crandall strip out of his t-shirt and kicked off his sneakers. Mike made quick work of the leather straps at his waist, unlacing the front of his pants. He loved those pants. They were comfortable to drum in, made him look great, and they were easy to get out of despite their form-fitting design. By the time he had his cock free, Crandall had shucked his pants and boxers and had his hands full of Mike’s shirt.

Crandall pulled the tank over Mike’s head and tossed it aside. He pressed his palms against Mike chest and his mouth to Mike’s. When he broke the kiss, Crandall trailed his lips and hands down Mike’s torso with agonizing slowness, touching and kissing and licking at so many places that Mike lost count in the haze of delicious sensations.

Leaning back against the door, Mike cupped the back of Crandall’s head. He brushed his fingers along the same spot he’d teased in the elevator as he encouraged Crandall’s mouth lower. Crandall didn’t need any suggestions. Mike was certain he was heading exactly where Mike needed him. Letting Mike guide him, Crandall sunk lower. His knees hit the floor and his lips wrapped around the head of Mike’s cock.

Sweet, warm heat. Agile tongue. Firm lips. “I love your mouth,” Mike said. Crandall teased just enough. He took a little more of Mike in and then sucked and pulled back. “Oh God, you do that so well.” Mike watched as Crandall’s mouth enveloped him again, taking in more of his cock before pulling back, dragging his tongue along the underside while letting his teeth graze lightly. Mike never thought he’d like that, but Crandall knew how to get it just right. A bit of a bite with the teeth and soothing with the tongue, and shit, Crandall had the stubborn will to master everything, now easily taking all of Mike’s length without gagging. Mike never would’ve thought his sexy roommate who never considered himself gay until the night they kissed would be not only be an expert at blowjobs, but so incredibly eager to give them too.

“If you keep that up…” Mike groaned as Crandall did something with his tongue that made Mike forget the English language. “Ah, uhn.” Mike grasped his fingers in Crandall’s hair and chuckled. Crandall knew what he was doing. He was probably making up for the car ride, and making sure he got a nice long fuck. Take the edge off. That’s what he would’ve said – if his mouth wasn’t full.

“God, Crank.” Mike wanted to both close his eyes and ride it out and keep them open to watch Crandall’s lips stretch over his cock, the corners of his mouth glistening with saliva and precum. So fucking hot. Mike tried to hold back. He wanted to live in that moment for eternity. Crandall had other ideas, however. He knew Mike’s every trigger, and with an agile tongue trick that Mike could never resist, Crandall sucked Mike’s orgasm to the surface. For a brief moment, Mike thought he might hold back, but the wave of ecstasy broke over him – broke him – and he cried out as he snapped his hips forward, shooting cum down Crank’s throat as fast as his lover could swallow.


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Feeling Better

Crandall rode in silence as Mike maneuvered his ‘Stang through the city streets. Jon lived on the outskirts, in a quiet little neighborhood a couple of miles from the last T-station. Sometimes, Jon would pick them up at the station so they didn’t have to drive through the city, but tonight, Jon’s wife  had his car while hers was in the shop for a few days.

Crandall preferred it this way. He hated riding the T. He hated traffic more, but since he wasn’t driving, he preferred this – Mike’s old car, and Mike as his only company.

Travelling could be so exhausting. So many people. It seemed he rarely got a chance to be alone anymore. Mike didn’t count. Crandall liked having Mike around. More lately, of course, but even before they’d started having amazing sex, Mike seemed the exception to Crandall people-hating rules. Ash was okay, and Crandall liked him, but Crandall was ready to start apartment searching on behalf of his friend.

He needed his space, his sanctuary, his peace and quiet where he didn’t have to work to conform to society’s expectations of polite small talk, tolerance of irritations, and other things he could avoid by simply staying home. This afternoon, he’d left work early to take a much needed break from people, but Ash had the stereo blasting while he belted out awful lyrics from annoying electro-dance tunes made popular by stupid sheep who listened to whatever the local station played whether it was good or not.

Crandall picked a fight by telling Ash he’d never find an apartment if he melted his brain listening to shitty music. It started low and went downhill from there. By the time Mike got home, Ash was sitting on Crandall’s back, pushing his face into the carpet while Crandall strung together curses and threats of painful and drawn out bodily harm.

“Okay now?” Mike asked, breaking into Crandall’s internal world.

Crandall grunted, and expected Mike to drop the conversation at that.

“C’mon, man, cut Ash a break. He is looking for a place, but he had a good deal before. Cheap. We don’t make much from the Crane. He can’t move into just anywhere.”

“Fuck.” Crandall snorted a sigh.

“I thought you two were getting along.”

Crandall stared out the side window, watching shadowy buildings flash by. “We were. We are.” He closed his eyes and let his head fall back against the rest. “I need my apartment back, Mike. I can’t completely relax with guests in the house.”

“Don’t think of Ash as a guest.”

“Easy for you to say.”

“I know, man. I know. You’re okay with me around. Ash can be that kind of friend too.”

“I don’t want to fuck Ash.”

Mike made an odd snorting sound. Crandall opened his eyes and turned to look at him. “Are you laughing at me?” Crandall asked.

A smile snuck through as Mike shook his head. “No, not like that. I’m glad you don’t want to sleep with Ash.” He chuckled, then his expression sobered. “We lived together okay before we started sleeping together.”

“I don’t get it either.”

They drove for another couple of miles. “Would you rather blow off practice tonight, get some quiet time in?”

“Fuck no. Music is…” Crandall shook his head. “It makes it better.”

“Okay, good. So you won’t try to kill Ash when we get home?”

“Only if we stop for pizza, and Jon has some MJ on hand.”


Crandall shifted in his seat so he could lay a hand on Mike’s thigh. “I didn’t mean to start shit tonight. I wanted to lock myself up alone for a couple of hours before practice, and Ash was home, making a racket and being a dick about it, and I lost it. I need to be alone sometimes, Mike. You know that.”

“I do.” Mike nodded. He covered Crandall’s hand with one of his own. After another couple of miles, he added, “Feel free to hole up at the Crane if you need to. You’re welcome to the office; bring your laptop and headphones, and just crash.”

That was Mike, always thinking. It wasn’t Crandall’s business, but the guys had embraced him as one of the team with all the vampire hunting bullshit. Dragon wouldn’t mind Mike’s offer one bit, and Ash, well if Ash was at the Crane, Crandall wouldn’t need a place to hide out.

Crandall rubbed his chest with his free hand. Damn Mike, made Crandall give a shit about someone. About Mike. He’d been good for Crandall. Very good.

“Thank you,” Crandall said softly. He squeezed Mike’s thigh. “I appreciate that. You. Definitely you.” He smiled and leaned his head on Mike’s shoulder. “I bet a blow job would make me feel more grounded.”

“Not while I’m driving.” Mike’s voice broke. He was definitely thinking about it, even if his words objected.

“Okay, later.” Crandall sat up straight in his seat. He brushed against Mike’s crotch before removing his hand from Mike’s lap, feeling much better than he had all day.

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My Friend Confessed

Mike woke with a start. He froze momentarily, listening but hearing nothing, and then tightened his arm around Crandall. They’d dozed off, still naked and damp with sweat and cum, front to back, spooning. In response to Mike’s embrace, Crandall wiggled against him and sighed softly.

“It’s just Ash,” Crandall said, his voice thick will sleep.

“Mm…” Mike pressed his face against the nape of Crandall’s neck and canted his hips, pressing his crotch to Crandall’s ass. He closed his eyes and let his mind drift with thoughts about how warm and comfortable and happy he was curled around Crandall, flesh to flesh from head to toe.

“I bet he was with that girl all night.”

“Hm?” Mike kissed Crandall’s neck. Then his mind kicked in. “Oh, the girl you work with? Wasn’t that this afternoon?”

“Yeah, and they blew me off.” Crankiness crept into Crandall’s tone, pushing back the sleepy comfort of their afterglow haze.

“Must’ve gone well.”

Crandall snorted and sat up as Ash’s silhouette darkened the doorway.

“You’re awake? I can go–”

“Nope. Done.” Crandall slipped from Mike’s embrace and stood up.

“Sorry!” Ash turned his back.

“For what? What do I care if you see me dress?” Crandall grabbed a pair of pajama pants off the top of his bureau, and then stepped into them.

“I don’t like it.” Ash glanced over his shoulder. “Seeing you–” Ash swallowed the word “–reminds me of my own inadequacies.”

“How’d your date go?” Mike asked. He remained stretched out and covered up in bed, more aware of Ash’s discomfort around the nude male body than Crandall would ever be.

“Well,” Crandall said. “Otherwise he’d have been home hours ago.”

Ash laughed, but it wasn’t all mirth. “Right, I suppose. Though I could’ve been wandering the city trying to soothe a broken heart.”

“In just one afternoon, doubtful.” Crandall turned to face Mike. “You going back to sleep?”

“Nah, I want to hear about this big date.” Mike grinned and waved Crandall away. “Just give me a minute.”

Crandall rolled his eyes, but had the sense to do it with his back to Ash so only Mike could see. “I’m going to grab a beer. You want one?”

Mike nodded. Once Crandall and Ash left, he slipped out of bed, dressed in sweatpants and a t-shirt, and headed out to the living room. Crandall handed him a bottle of beer as he sat beside his lover. Crank had found a shirt somewhere along the way.

With a nod to Ash, Mike first took a long drink from his bottle, and then asked what Ash wanted to share. “So, spill it, man. How’d it go?”

Mike waited patiently. Ash had never tried to be a macho man, but he had often vented his frustration at emotional responses. Mike had always done his best to remind Ash that men had emotions too and not to worry about it. He could tell Ash was wrestling with his emotions now, but at the same time, the grin that kept popping across Ash’s lips told Mike enough despite his friend’s silence.

When Ash spoke, he’d clearly surrendered. The big smile remained. “She’s wonderful, Mike. She’s beautiful and smart, and I can tell already she’s strong too.” He shifted his gaze to Crandall. “Thank you, for setting this up.” He paused, staring off between Mike and Crandall as he sipped at his beer.

“Did you get laid?”

Mike frowned at Crandall. “Really? That’s what you want to know?”

“Coffee doesn’t take that long.”

“I wouldn’t tell you if I did.” Ash’s frown melted away as quickly as it formed. “I did tell her I was transgender.”

“And?” Mike couldn’t wait for Ash to collect himself again. He’d broken new ground today, and Mike was eager to hear how it went.

“She kissed me.” Ash laughed, and then slapped a hand over his mouth. When he lowered it, a rare curse slipped out. “Shit, guys, she actually kissed me.”

They finished their drinks, including a second round, while Ash filled them in on his afternoon. After that kiss, Ash had walked Ginger back to the office. As soon as she left him on the sidewalk, he pulled out his phone to research the perfect restaurant for dinner. He called ahead for a table by the window so they could watch people walking by on the street. He also found a bouquet of rainbow colored daisies at a nearby flower shop. At first, he almost passed them up, thinking rainbows were too cliché, but she’d mentioned daisies over coffee and he had to buy them for her.

“I’m going to see her again Friday.” Ash grinned. He stood and collected the empties.

“You still owe me a coffee.” There was a hint of a smile on Crandall’s face as he said it. Mike had noticed Crank paying close attention to the conversation. While he complained about the girl, Mike would place money on Crandall being genuinely happy for Ash’s success.

“Crank, I owe you an entire coffee shop.”

Crandall just snorted and said nothing, but the smile snuck through once Ash disappeared into the kitchen.

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“Yeah?” Mike pounded into Crandall. It didn’t matter what Crandall said when he said it around those cries and groans, with his head thrown back, exposing that neck Mike loved to nip and kiss.

“Gonna…” Crandall gasped and rocked into Mike’s thrusts. He hooked his ankles at the small of Mike’s back.

“Go on.”

“Fuck….” Crandall surged up, grabbing Mike’s bicep with one hand, while the other reached for his own cock. “I’m gonna come.”

“Not yet.” Mike slowed. He brushed Crandall’s hand away, stroking his cock once before squeezing firmly at the base. “Not yet.”



Don’t stop.” Crandall bucked up against Mike, doing his best to encourage Mike to pick up speed.

Mike bit his lip and bent over Crandall. He ran a palm up Crandall’s stomach. “Slow down, Crank. Not yet.”

“Fuck…” Crandall surrendered, his muscles relaxing all at once. “Damn it–”

“You demanded to be bent over the bed.”

Crandall grinned. He circled his hips, teasing Mike. “Yes, I did.”

“So, ready?”

With a laugh, Crandall pushed a foot against Mike’s hip. “Fucking right.”

Mike chuckled. He loved watching Crandall’s face as the fucked, but Crandall made the best noises when taken from behind. Mike pulled back slowly, but as soon as he was out, Crandall rolled over, dropping his feet to the floor and arching his back presenting his ass like a bitch in heat.

“Damn, Crank, that is so fucking sexy.” Mike caressed Crandall’s ass, first one cheek, then the other. “So hot.”

“Then do something about it.” Crandall grinned wickedly, his gaze glazed with heated lust. He bowed his back as Mike trailed his fingertips up his spine. With a low moan, Crandall turned his face away, lowering his head to a pillow.

Mike squeezed Crandall’s ass as he littered tiny kisses over the small of Crandall’s back. “So damn fine.” He rubbed Crandall’s hole with his thumbs while licking the line of Crandall’s spine. Crandall moaned and bucked up against Mike’s hands. “I could fuck you all night.”

“And yet, you stand there talking about it.”

“You know, I love how demanding you are.” Mike grinned and lined his cock up. This time he wasn’t gentle. Crandall was more than ready, and Mike had only stopped because Crandall had demanded to be bent over the bed an hour ago. He pressed the head of his cock into Crank. “So tight.”

Crandall pushed back, and this time Mike didn’t resist. He thrust into Crandall, seating himself to the balls. “Oh yeah, warm and tight and, shit, Crank, I love your ass.”

“Keep going.”

“Hmm?” Mike caressed Crandall’s ass a moment longer, and then wrapped one arm around Crandall’s waist as he leaned over to kiss his shoulder.

“I want to hear it.” Crandall pushed against Mike.

Mike pulled back just enough to thrust hard. Crandall cried out, just the way Mike loved to hear. “So tight.”


Mike slid out slowly and then, just as slow, pushed back in. “Amazing, Crank. So fucking good.”

Crandall answered with a groan, and then, “Harder.”

“I know.” Always harder. Always faster. Mike could keep up with Crandall’s demands. With pleasure. They were in tune one-hundred percent when it came to sex. Crandall demanded, Mike complied, and both were exhausted and satisfied when the night ended.

Just as he’d pictured the entire drive home, Mike pounded into Crandall bent over the bed and face pressed into his pillow. He didn’t need Crandall’s demand this time either. He wanted to talk, wanted to tell Crandall how much he enjoyed their time together. “So fucking tight. God, I love your ass.”


“I’ll never get tired of that.” Mike stared up at the ceiling without really seeing anything. A light sheen of sweet chilled his skin, but he was too worn to sit up and find a blanket. “I mean, I’dhad sex before, but with you, it’s always fucking amazing. I love how responsive you are.”

“What’s that fucking mean anyway?” Crandall rolled over, pressing the length of his body against Mike’s. His warmth was like fire, chasing away the chill and singeing Mike’s nerves. “I’ve read that line in a dozen books. I don’t get it.”

“Are you reading dirty books?” Mike lifted his head enough to turn and look at Crandall’s face.

“Hell yeah. They’re no Stephen King, but they’re fucking hot.”

“I see… so that’s why I got a booty call tonight.” Mike kissed Crandall’s temple. As Mike relaxed again, Crandall rested his head on Mike’s shoulder, closer than he would’ve ever allowed just a short while ago. Mike could attribute that to their relationship, but he wondered if some of it was the blood of the hunter awakened. No matter why, he didn’t care because it brought him closer to his crush, moving from distant lust to a real relationship – something Mike hadn’t expected in his closeted life.

“No, I wasn’t reading.” Crandall sighed. He snuggled closer. “This is nice,” he whispered softly, and then continued in a conversational tone. “I had a rough day and needed release.” One hand snaked away, under Mike’s pillow. Crandall lifted a dildo over Mike’s head. “It wasn’t enough. I needed you.”

Mike licked his lips, but said nothing. He tightened the arm around Crandall, pulling him into a tight embrace.

“I don’t say it because I hate stating the obvious, but maybe it’s not as obvious as I think. I love you Mike. I need you. You are so important to me. I can’t assume it’s obvious if I can’t even explain it. Even before the sex stuff, you were important to me. I should’ve said something before now, so you know.”

Crandall pressed a kiss to Mike’s shoulder, and then fell silent.

“I know,” Mike whispered. He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. Crandall’s tone had been matter-of-fact, but the words moved Mike. His chest ached to give Crandall everything he ever wanted and to keep him close forever. He swallowed the emotions and cleared his throat. “But I still need to hear it. Thank you, Crandall, for saying that. It’s…nice.” His voice came out steady. Mostly.

Nice?” Crandall laughed softly against Mike’s neck. “Okay, I get it. We have a fucking good thing going here. I would’ve preferred to skip the vampire shit, but otherwise, I’m happy. Very happy.”

“Me too.” Mike rolled onto his side, facing Crandall. “I can’t remember what I did before you. And I can’t think of anything better than a bad day needs fixing booty call.”

“Fuck yeah,” Crandall agreed. He sat up long enough to grab the sheets that had been kicked to the end of the bed and pull them over both of them. He pressed close to Mike again, wrapping one arm around his chest. “Thank you for coming home.”

Mike nodded and sighed contently.

“I realized after I called you were supposed to close.”

“Dragon heard. I should turn down the volume on my phone.”

Crandall laughed. Mike blushed, but after a moment, he chuckled too. Dragon has taken it in stride, and closing up shop wasn’t anything compared to the wild sex they’d just had. “It’s all good,” Mike said. “He volunteered to close after that. But…” He touched Crandall’s cheek, encouraging him to meet Mike’s gaze. “Don’t make a habit of it. Dragon will not be tolerant if you abuse his generosity.”

Crandall grinned. “Okay, I’ll use it sparingly. But it’s good to know that he understands you need to get laid more often.”

Mike rolled his eyes but grinned. “Yeah, maybe that’s it. Either way, it worked out well for me.”

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As they reached the bed, Crandall turned and dropped to his knees. Mike knew it was coming, but Crandall’s mouth on his cock was still a shock – a pleasant, amazing, mind-melting shock. Mike gripped Crandall’s shoulders, and let his chin fall to his chest as his mouth dropped open in a low moan. He couldn’t tear his gaze from the sight of Crandall’s lips closing around his cock. “Damn, Crank, that mouth is made for sucking cock.”

It didn’t take long. Crandall knew all of Mike’s triggers. His long fingers curled around Mike’s balls, pulling and squeezing as he sucked Mike’s flaccid cock to renewed interest. It grew, swelling to fill Crandall’s mouth; all the while, Mike watched, completely enthralled by his dick disappearing into that mouth he’d daydreamed about so many times. Crandall sucked just like in those dreams. No, better. Mike rocked his hips, sliding along that warm, wet, firm tongue, pushing and pulling through the snug suction as Crandall worked him into a rock hard state.

“Crank, damn, if you keep that up, I won’t last to bend you over the bed.”

In the next moment, Crandall released Mike’s cock and stood. He still cupped Mike’s balls in one hand, while he wrapped an arm around Mike’s neck with the other, pulling him into a hungry, demanding kiss tinged with the salty flavor of pre-cum. When he broke the connection Crandall said, “You’re not done until you fuck me hard and fast.”

“Oh yeah,” Mike said on a breathy exhale. “I intend to.” He kissed Crandall again, pushing closer until Crandall stumbled back against the bed. They stayed there, entwined in that kiss, hands roaming, eagerly groping, and then, a minute later, Crandall’s knees gave out and he dropped to bed, pulling Mike with him.

Kisses, touches, thrusts, moans. Nothing else existed except Mike and Crandall, each lighting a fire in the other. Burning. Lust or love. Two complementing needs.

Crandall threw his head back, gasping for breath. Mike, undeterred, kissed his way down Crandall’s neck to lick across his collar bone. “Fuck, Mike, I need you now.” He sucked in a breath as Mike trailed his fingers along Crandall’s hip, brushing dangerously close to Crandall’s cock. Teasing and promising all in one brief touch.

Crandall whimpered as Mike lifted his head, his lips leaving Crandall’s flesh.

“God, you’re so sexy.” Mike’s gaze, hooded with heavy, half-closed lids, roamed over Crandall’s naked body sprawled beneath him. His pale skin glistened with heat and sweat, and his cock stood up proud and demanding. He stretched, grabbing the headboard to pull himself all the way onto the bed. When Crandall licked his lips, Mike dove in for another kiss, silencing Crandall before he could make another demand to be fucked.

When Crandall was breathing heavy again, thrusting his cock against Mike’s stomach, Mike sat up and reached for the lube and condom box on the nightstand. He tossed a condom to Crandall, who deftly rolled the latex over Mike’s cock. Mike froze, lube in hand unopened, and watched, enjoying the hurried rush of Crandall’s touch dressing his cock for the grand finale.

When he was done, Crandall kissed Mike’s stomach. Mike’s abs fluttered at the light touch. Crandall continued, leaving a trail of light nipping kisses down Mike’s side, and then along his hip, his cheek brushing Mike’s cock almost as if by accident. Mike knew better; Crandall knew how to drive him nuts. As Mike watched, enjoying the foreplay, Crandall plucked the lube from Mike’s hands and drizzled it over the head of his cock. With deft fingers, and without his mouth leaving Mike’s skin, Crandall spread the lube over Mike until Mike was thrusting into his hand, moaning and whispering unintelligible words.

“Let me hear you.” Crandall nipped at Mike’s hip. “I need to hear it.”

“Lie down.” Mike pushed Crandall back. “I’m going to fuck you until you beg me to come.”

“Better.” Crandall grinned.

Mike lifted Crandall’s legs. Crandall helped, pulling his knees back, not the least bit shy about showing Mike exactly what he wanted. Mike lined his cock up with that tight, puckered hole and pressed lightly.

“Fuck me.” Crandall kept his legs back, but reached for Mike with one hand.

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Must we have this argument every fucking night?”

Mike pushed. Crandall grimaced, but managed to get his hands on Mike’s arms, pulling him forward. “More.”


“I need you.”

Mike rarely bottomed. The few times he did, even preparing with fingers and lube, he’d been too tense to move quickly. It’d been excruciating, trying to relax around an invading cock. Crandall, on the other hand, seemed to be a natural bottom. He wanted Mike so bad, his hole, while always amazingly tight, accepted him quickly, and with little to no prep. Mike knew it hurt a little by watching Crandall’s expression, but it was usually short lived. By the time Mike was seated to the balls, Crandall was squirming, trying to get Mike to move, to thrust, to fuck him hard, to make him scream, to make him come.

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Mike couldn’t stand still long enough to wait for the elevator. He leapt up the stairs, two at a time, nearly tripping up a few in his haste. He hurried down the hallway, barely keeping below a flat out run, and only because one of his neighbors was walking slowly down the hall in his direction.

“Good evening, Mrs. Cooper,” Mike said as they passed.

“Slow down, Mr. Vranken. Enjoy life.” She smiled and continued on toward the elevator.

“I plan to.” Mike grinned and hurried to his door.

He threw the door to the apartment open and called out for Crandall. “You home?”

“You alone?”

Bedroom. Mike headed that direction. “Are you?”

“What’s with the stupid questions?” Mike didn’t answer. He forgot the question as soon as Crandall stepped out of the bedroom and into his line of sight. His worn cordoroys hung low on his hips, revealing the point of hip bones and the faint line of ginger hair trailing down below his belly button. And that was all he wore. His chest and feet bare, Crandall was a sight to see. Mike paused to take it all in. Since being bitten and embracing his hunting nature, Crandall’s muscles had filled out noticeably. His shoulders were a little broader, with round muscles capping them. His arms revealed cuts and shadows of biceps, and his chest, while still pale and spattered with occasional freckles, sported the beginnings of pecs he’d never had before.

Crandall had always been sexy, but recent changes from twink to lean and athletic made him even more desirable. Mike never had much of a type. Dark rooms, secret liaisons, and nothing even close to a relationship had been his release before Crank; Mike hadn’t allowed himself to be picky. Now, looking at Crandall standing there waiting for him, he knew no one else would ever measure up.

“It’s hard to think with all the blood draining out of my brain.” Mike kicked his feet into gear. In four quick steps, he stood toe to toe with Crandall, staring into those sharp eyes momentarily, before letting his gaze drift down over Crandall’s collar bone. He licked his lips.

Crandall grabbed Mike’s t-shirt and yanked him forward. They collided, chests pressed together. Crandall covered Mike’s mouth, shoving his tongue between Mike’s lips. Mike opened for him, eagerly tasting Crandall, his hunger driving any remaining thoughts from his mind.

When Crandall pulled away, panting for breath, Mike rested his hands at Crandall’s waist, studying his face for signs of anxiety. Instead of a panic attack, Mike recognized the lust burning in Crandall’s gaze. Mike slid one foot between Crandall’s, pressing his cock to Crandall’s. They were both hard – very hard, and ready to go – and for a moment, Mike felt nothing but their cocks lining up, rubbing against each other. Mike grabbed Crandall’s ass, pulling him closer. He dropped his forehead to Crandall’s bare shoulder. His breathing already felt out of control, and had they been rutting against each other with bare skin, he would’ve probably blown already. Crandall had a way of making Mike feel like a teenager again. No control. Just sweet surrender.

Through the fog of intense sensations, Mike registered Crandall tugging at his shirt. He lifted his head and raised his arms so Crandall could pull it over his head. Before the shirt hit the floor, Mike had Crandall close again, peppering his neck with open-mouthed kisses, and moaning against his skin as Crandall shoved his hands down the back of Mike’s pants.

Crandall threw his head back, gasping as he bucked against Mike. “Fuck, I need…”

Mike hummed against Crandall’s neck. He slipped his hand under Crandall’s waistband, teasing his crack with one finger. Crandall shoved his ass back into Mike’s hand, but then quickly thrust forward, rubbing their cocks together again.

“More…” Crandall fumbled for his fly. Mike covered his throat with kisses and nips, a mix of light pain and intimate pleasure as Crandall shoved his pants to the floor and then grabbed at Mike’s. “Off,” he said between harsh, needy gasp. “Fuck, Mike, now.”

Crandall shoved Mike’s pants and jock down his thighs, and then grabbed his ass, pulling their bare, hard cocks together. Mike whimpered, kissing forgotten, as he let Crandall lead, pinning their cocks between their bodies.

Mike left one arm curved around Crandall’s neck, as he eased just far enough away to swipe a palm over the heads of their cocks, trailing the precum down their shafts as he curled his fingers around them both.

“Shit, yeah.” Crandall bucked into his touch. “Do it.”

Mike pressed his forehead to Crandall’s watching his hand on their cocks — glistening heads poking through his grip as they both thrust against each other and into his fist.

Crandall’s rhythm faltered. He grabbed a handful of Mike’s hair and pulled him into a rough kiss. He bit Mike’s lip, and then kissed his way along Mike’s jaw, dragging his teeth along the spot he knew would push Mike over the edge.

Mike moaned, senses on fire. His balls drew up tight, and he knew he couldn’t hold back. “Come for me,” he whispered. He licked Crandall’s ear, tracing the ridge until Crandall groaned out loud, cursing. “Come with me, Crank. Gonna come.”

Crandall’s moans were louder than Mike’s words. Mike loved the sounds Crandall made just before he came.

“Don’t stop,” Crandall gasped.

“Hell no.” Mike tongued Crandall’s ear again, and then tipped his head back as Crandall pulled his hair.

“Talk.” Crandall didn’t seem to be looking at him as much as through him. His eyes rolled up to the ceiling. “Fuck, Mike, let me hear you.”

Mike was panting. So close. Very close. “Almost,” he whispered. He tried to think of something dirty to say. He knew what Crandall wanted, but it was so fucking hard. “Almost there.” He gasped. Crandall moaned. “Gah…”

Crandall crooned out a long, low cry, and then dug his fingers into Mike’s shoulder. With one more cry, he came, cum spurting out, drizzling over Mike’s hand and splattering their stomachs.

“Oh, God, that’s sexy,” Mike said. He thrust a few more times, stroking as Crandall’s orgasm drizzled to an end, and then he, too came between them.

They leaned against each other, panting, and holding each other up. “Damn,” Mike whispered.

“I’m not done with you yet.” Crandall slumped against Mike, obviously not yet ready to move despite his words.

“Mm.” Mike kissed Crandall’s neck, and slowly released their cocks. “Can we make it to the bedroom first?”

Crandall nodded, and then stumbled backwards. Mike caught him. Crandall kicked off his pants and then turned toward the bedroom. With a nonchalant shrug, Mike wiggled the rest of the way out of his jogging pants and left them in the hall with the rest of the clothing. He had much better things to think about than a pile of laundry abandoned in an unusual spot.

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