Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  Absence and the Heart says the Dragon


The Heart

Says the Dragon

Chapter 2: Blood is the Sustenance



Chapter 3: Sex is not a Question, but often an Answer

Not Sex

No Question

Always the Answer

Chapter 4: Love me, Protect me, but don’t make my Choices for me

Lover, Protector

His Choices

Chapter 5: It’s not you. It’s me.

Not Everything Is About You

All Apologies

Chapter 6: Too Much or Not Enough is a matter of Perspective

Too Much Blood

Once Bonded, Never Enough

Bloody Perspective

Chapter 7: In the Closet, In the Bed, and In the Heart

From the Closet

Bedtime does not mean Sleep

Love tastes like Afterglow

Chapter 8: Ashes to Ashes, We All Fall Down

Ashes in the Breeze


They All Fall Down

Chapter 9: Music holds the Words the Voice alone cannot Speak

Music Doesn’t Lie

Words are Just Words

Never Say More than Required

Voice your Mind

Chapter 10: Invincible Soul in a Fragile Cage

Invincible Determination

Immortal, Not Endless

Chapter 11: What we Want is often Not what we Asked to Have

Alive On Stage


Delaying the Inevitable

Chapter 12: Prophecy of a Vampire


Fire and Blood

King’s Pawn

The Betrayer

No Escape

Chapter 13: A Decision within a Decision

Questioning of Secrets

Tomorrow, And Tomorrow, But Not Tonight

Hit the Switch

Pancake Tease

Best Laid Plans

Chapter 14: Interlude

Mike’s Interlude, part one

Mike’s Interlude, part two

Mike’s Interlude, part three

Chapter 15: Second Interlude

Crandall’s Interlude, part one

Crandall’s Interlude, part two

Chapter 16: Converging Motives and Coalescing Secrets

Reluctant Submission

The Gloves Are Off

Fire and Ash

To the Max


Chapter 17: With Trust Comes Friendship and AbandonedSecrets

False Recovery

A Man’s Kiss

Peace Offering

Chapter 18: An Agreement and a Promise

Almost Agreement

An Unlikely Ally

She’s Right

Nothing’s Ever Easy

Bad Temper

Chapter 19: Considerations, Contacts, and Creeds

After the Show

Vampire Contact

Love Creed

Chapter 20: Signed and Sealed

In Motion


Friendship Reluctant

Chapter 21: It Is What It Is




Chapter 22: Rules are Made to be Broken

The Rule Is: Listen

Ruling Out Intent


Chapter 23: Their December

Return to the Music

Singin’ Linkin



Say What You Mean

Chapter 24: Mutual Surrender

Taking His Time


Coming Undone

Chapter 25: Moving Forward, Looking Back, and Finding Balance

Content and Insatiable

A Look in the Closet

Balance the Panic

Chapter 26: Pure Morning

A Friend in Need

A Friend Indeed

A Friend with Breasts

And All the Rest (part one)

And All the Rest (part two)

Chapter 27: Caffeine, Sugar, and Ginger

Coffee Break

Cupcake Conspiracy

The Confession

High on Love

Chapter 28: Keep Your Enemies Closer

Love and Marriage

Ally or Enemy

Enemy at His Door

Blood Boiling


Mike’s Rancor

Chapter 29: Return to Normal…?

Relax and Recoup

The Joy of Giving

Talk. Later.

Chapter 30: Caution to the Wind

A Favor Asked

Now or Never

First Impressions

Chapter 31: The World Does Not Revolve Around You, Crank

The Dragon and His Beloved


Friends, and Lovers, and Politics

Stupid Boy

Ladies in Waiting

Phone Sex

Mind Games

Chapter 32: What Do You Hear?




Chapter 33: Pure Morning

My Friend Confessed

Skin’s Crawling

Day’s Dawning (part one)

Day’s Dawning (part two)

Chapter 34: It’s My Life

Moving On

Owe Nothing

No More Games

Feeling Better

Chapter 35: The Prophecy Continues

Do What?

At Home On Stage

Take Me Home


Chapter 36: And So Does Love

Take the Edge Off


Secret Shit

Chapter 37: Knowledge is Power

Taboo Request

Bloody Drumsticks

Beyond Kissing


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